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Some of the Most Charming Traditional Decor Items from Around the World

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One of the joys of traveling is browsing through local markets in far flung cities. From Turkish mosaic lamps to Moroccan rugs you never know what you’ll find. But if you keep your eyes open you’re bound to come up with decorative items that will help turn the decor in your own home into some pretty special. Not every decor item you’ll find is going to deliver the aesthetic kick you’re looking for (you’ll probably want to take a pass on a ‘horse selfie’ blanket for instance), but treasures await the persistent and in this post we’re going to look at some of the most charming traditional decor items from the four corners of the planet.

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Nothing livens up your own decor like unexpected and eclectic touches. Traveling provides myriad opportunities to pick up traditional decor items in other countries that will provide interesting and charming counterpoints to aspects of your own well-considered interior decoration scheme. Here are some traditional items to keep your eyes open for on your journeys.

  • Russian Lacquer Boxes - Russian artisans are well known for their matryoshka dolls but for centuries they’ve also produced incomparable lacquer boxes. They’re typically constructed of multiple layers of paper mache that are pressed together before being oven dried and then hand-painted. In most cases the imagery on these charming, must have items depicts scenes out of traditional Russian legends and/or fairy tales. Caution is called for though when purchasing lacquer boxes in some of the big cities as knockoffs from China have been making the rounds. Be sure to check the bottom to see where the box was made before purchasing it
  • Moroccan Rugs - The artisans of Morocco have been producing handmade rugs for two centuries. It is thought the tradition sprang from a desire to put a local spin on exotic Turkish rugs that were being imported by the well to do in the 19th century. But whatever specific reason was behind the birth of rug making in Morocco they have definitely put their own unique stamp on it by infusing their creations with dynamic colors and geometric patterns of extreme complexity and sophistication. Moroccan rugs make compelling wall and door hangings and really ramp up the visual interest of a space.
  • Turkish Mosaic Lamps - Few people realize that Louis Comfort Tiffany did not come up with the idea of stained glass lampshades on his own. He actually drew direct inspiration from the mosaic lamps he saw in the markets of what was then Constantinople. Of course he added his own design touches that served to westernize the art form but without Turkish mosaic lamps there would be no Tiffany. You can find traditional, handmade Turkish lamps in markets throughout Asia Minor or you can purchase them directly through the Paykoc Imports secure website. They add atmosphere, mystery, color and a sense of timelessness to any decor
  • Venetian Carnevale Masks - Before there was Mardi Gras in New Orleans or Carnival in Rio there was Carnevale in Venice. This traditional festival dates back to at least the 12th century and was held before the beginning of Lent each year. It included lavish balls held by the aristocracy whose attendees often arrived festooned with elaborate handmade masks. The Venetian carnevale mask survives to this day and the better ones produced by the workshops of Venice are stunning creations that will become an instant talking point when you introduce them into your own home decor.
  • Fanciful City Maps - Fanciful city maps are something you can pick up in virtually any city on the planet. While some are nothing to write home about others are astonishing works of art that, when framed, add a worldly and lighthearted touch to your decor. If you search the out of the way markets of some European cities you can find antique city maps that will make not only an interesting addition to your decor but have real collectors value as well.
  • Christmas Ornaments - Nothing makes your holiday celebrations more memorable than a Christmas tree adorned with a variety of different ornaments. Some may be family heirlooms and some gifts you received over the years. Others may denote significant family events and still others may have just caught your eye due to their color and style. But if you really want to propel your Christmas tree into the next holiday dimension keep your eyes open for traditional Christmas ornaments when you travel, like hand carved German figurines or vintage beaded ornaments from Columbia.
  • Traditional Indian Poufs - The traditional Indian Pouf is a type of handmade ottoman that is emblazoned with colorful embroidery, beads, decorative stitching and more. Although they are sometimes used for sitting the vast majority of the time they are used to put your feet up and relax. If you’re looking for a way to infuse a space with a bit of color and balance out some of your more rigidly composed decor items, traditional Indian Poufs and Turkish lamps are both ways of doing so.
  • Chinese Tea Pot - While the factories of China have become well known for pumping out everything from fake Russian lacquer boxes to fake Honda SUVs (true) there are still some things that Chinese artisans are well-known and celebrated for. One of them is the handmade porcelain tea set. The Chinese have been making porcelain for nearly 2,000 years and today they still make some of the best you’ll find anywhere. A traditional porcelain Chinese tea set in your living or dining room elevates the entire decor and has the added benefit of being useful as well.

Adding any of these charming traditional decor items to your home is certain to result in a more worldly atmosphere yet one that is also more beautiful, more graceful, more versatile and more valuable. For one of the widest varieties of Turkish mosaic lamps you’ll find anywhere visit the Paykoc online store.


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