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Wholesale Smoking Pipes from Paykoc Imports

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,20th Jan 2019
Wholesale Smoking Pipes from Paykoc Imports

If you are opening an online or brick and mortar smoke shop (or both) one of the most important decisions you’ll have to make is where to get your pipes. Choose the wrong wholesale supplier and you may destroy your margins, experience supply interruptions, find yourself left out in the customer service cold and, worst of all, receive merchandise that’s of questionable quality and appeal. Those things will never happen when you choose Paykoc Imports to supply your wholesale smoking pipes. We have more than 30 years of experience in the business. During those years we’ve become the wholesale supplier of choice for retailers large and small looking for high-quality, affordably priced briar and meerschaum pipes as well as home-grown Missouri Meerschaum pipes and pipe accessories.

Experience and Expertise

Smoking pipes are extremely personal items. Pipe smokers develop a relationship with their pipe based on a number of factors including the quality of the materials used, the feel of the pipe in the hand, the texture of the surface, the quality of the burn and more. In order to give your smoke shop the best possible chance of success you need to stock high-quality items that will get and hold the attention of this discerning group of individuals. Our selection of smoking pipes is one of the best you’ll find anywhere.

Briar Pipes Wholesale

Our collection of wholesale briar pipes is extensive and includes:

  • Apple and Billiard pipes - These are two of the best known pipe shapes and tend to be what most people think of when they think of briar pipes. Our collection of Apple and Billiard pipes is extensive and includes numerous stunning examples of the pipe maker’s trade from both German and Italy.
  • Nording pipes - In the 1950s Erik Nording began producing his own line of smoking pipes that expressed his admiration for freehand design but embodied a more refined and restrained Danish sensibility. In the years since Nording pipes have gained international acclaim for their beauty, quality and high-end functionality. And we’ve got one of the most impressive collections of wholesale Nording pipes you’ll find anywhere.
  • Freehand pipes - Our Freehand briar pipes are particularly impressive and are highly sought after by pipe aficionados intent on retaining their individuality. Each is a hand-carved, completely unique smoking implement fashioned from the highest quality materials that retains the burn qualities of the best briar pipes.
  • Churchwarden pipes - The Lord of the Rings movies thrust the Churchwarden pipe back into the public consciousness and since then demand for these cool burning and equally cool looking briar pipes has exploded. We’ve got a wide variety of beautiful, handmade Churchwardens to satisfy all of your aspiring Middle-Earthers.

Wholesale Meerschaum Pipes

Meerschaum pipes have a lengthy history and continue to be held in high esteem by pipe purists and lovers of fine handicrafts the world over. The name “meerschaum” means “sea foam” in German and is derived from the fact that the mineral sepiolite (the scientific name for meerschaum) is sometimes found floating on the surface of the Black Sea and that some people believe it resembles sea foam.

Besides being prized for their beauty and durability meerschaum pipes are also renowned for delivering a cool, flavorful smoke. Over time they also take on an appealing and individualistic patina that simply cannot be rushed or artificially reproduced. Since the 1970s meerschaum pipes have been made almost exclusively in Turkey (where most sepiolite deposits are) by Turkish artisans who painstakingly carve each one by hand.

At Paykoc we have one of the largest selections of stunning meerschaum pipes for wholesale you’ll find anywhere. With designs ranging from the aggressively contemporary to those displaying floral, animal, musical and randy burlesque motifs it’s fair to say we have it all.

Wholesale Missouri Meerschaum Pipes

The Missouri Meerschaum Company has been producing outstanding high-quality corn cob pipes for more than a century. Customers need to be clear, however, that in spite of the name the Missouri Meerschaum Company does not actually sell any products made from meerschaum

Instead, the company name derives from the admiration its founder had for meerschaum pipes and the fact that he thought his corn cob pipes shared some similar characteristics. Designers for the Missouri Meerschaum Company also invented a way to produce some meerschaum-like effects using plaster of Paris.

All that said, Missouri Meerschaum corn cob pipes are widely sought after today for the quality of their workmanship and the smooth, tasty smoke they provide. At Paykoc we offer a wide assortment wholesale Missouri Meerschaum pipe products.


No smoke shop is complete without a nice variety of pipe-related accessories. Paykoc has a wide assortment of wholesale pipe accessories available including lighters, pipe bits, pipe cases, pipe cleaners, pipe filters, Swiss Army style pipe tools, pipe knockers, reamers, smoker’s knives and more.

The Bottom Line

If you are looking for a place to obtain high-quality smoking pipes wholesale Paykoc is the source you can rely on. Wholesale briar and meerschaum pipes, pipe accessories and more are available at extremely competitive prices that will allow you to keep costs under control and optimize the profitability of your retail outlet or website. Don’t risk the health of your pipe shop by dealing with unreliable suppliers peddling substandard goods. For the best smoking pipes wholesale contact the briar and meerschaum pipe experts at Paykoc at (888) 657-2881. Or stop by our brick and mortar outlet on Logan Court in Denver