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Paykoc Meerschaum Pipes

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In the world of tobacco pipe smoking, meerschaum is a top choice of material for the coolest delivery of your smoke and the least taste impact on your tobacco. Not only that, meerschaum is a very special mineral composed of compressed, fossilized shells of sea creatures that have developed in the clay, sand, and gravel plains in Eskisehir, Turkey. Just a few square miles of land produces all the meerschaum in the world suitable for genuine block meerschaum pipes.

Meerschaum pipes were the first products promoted by Paykoc Imports, over thirty years ago. The artistry, tradition, and hand crafted nature of our pipes makes them a very special part of our catalog. We hold the largest inventory and variety of genuine block meerschaum pipes in the country and are proud to offer these one of a kind treasures to you. Each pipe, excluding our miniature series, is a unique piece and the pipe in the photo will be the exact pipe you receive. Browse our collections of classic shapes, wildlife and portrait pipes and find a meerschaum pipe that will bring out the best quality in your smoke and will become the favorite pipe in your own collection.

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