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Paykoc Imports offers quality customizations on a variety of our most popular products. With the custom product designer, Paykoc Imports can add the text and imagery of your choice to any of our customizable merchandise.

Our full-color UV printing is an extremely durable material printing method. This technology ensures that your personalized design can withstand years of heavy use and cleaning detergents – maintaining the impeccable quality of the day it was purchased. Our state-of-the-art laser engraving service is also among the best in the business. With both CO2 and fiber lasers, our laser engraving technology offers astonishing clarity and detail - engraving images up to 1200 DPI in resolution with unmatched precision. 

Ready to order a lasting personalized keepsake from Paykoc Imports? Simply provide your name and email address, the URL of a customizable Paykoc Imports product, and your desired text and imagery using the form above. Our custom product designers will do the rest!

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Paykoc Imports' laser-engraving service is among the best in the business. Whether you're looking to improve your company's branding with customized glassware or treat a loved one to a personalized gift, our UV-printed and laser-engraved products are the perfect choice. Paykoc Imports is proud to offer an extensive selection of customizable drinkware options - including water bottles, pint glasses, solid copper cups, and tin-lined Moscow Mule mugs. We also offer custom printing and engraving on a range of other popular products, from butane torch guards to selenite charging plates.

Paykoc Imports' high-pressure, diamond drag tip laser tools fracture objects at a microscopic level to vaporize excess material. While other methods use tool bits and abrasive materials, our state-of-the-art engraving tool moves similarly to a pen or pencil as it traces preprogrammed designs, ensuring impeccable precision and detail in every custom engraving.

Don't take our word for it - explore our showcase of engraved and UV-printed products below!


Three pint glasses with custom engraved designsBlack water bottle with silver custom engravingSelenite slabs with colorful UV printed designsSelenite charging plate with UV printed rainbow designEngraved pink butane torch guardEngraved black butane torch guardEngraved butane torch guard with pot leaf designEngraved butane torch guard with animated shark designDriftwood with laser-engraved and painted goat head designDriftwood with laser-engraved and painted designSolid copper Moscow Mule mug with personalized engravingSouvenir Colorado solid copper shot glassHeart-shaped selenite charging plate with custom engravingSquare selenite slab with UV printed black goat-head design