Vertical Categories
Vertical Categories

Are you a merchant looking to expand your inventory? Are you looking for unique and modern products to offer your customers and competitive wholesale pricing to match? At Paykoc Imports we have hundreds of wholesale gifts for any type of business.

Our gift collections range from small collectables such as figurines, jewelry and home décor to the larger specialty items such as clothing, tobacco pipes, and Moscow Mule copper mugs. Whether you are looking for small affordable accents to add to your stores collection or you are starting a new store from scratch. You will be sure to find the unique and personalized products that match your store's style.

We can also customize many of our proudcuts with your store's branding or other custom decorations and designs that you want to create.

Merchants who qualify will receive special wholesale pricing, exclusive wholesale products, and a variety of different shipping options including local pick-up, local drop-off and shipping discounts.

To apply please fill out the form below and include your store name, address, and sales tax id. Additionally, we'll need a picture of your sales tax ID before we can activate your account.

When looking for unique and quality wholesale gift items, you can trust Paykoc Imports to be the perfect Wholesale Gift Distributors for your business.