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Moscow Mule Copper Mugs

Moscow Mule Copper Mugs by Paykoc

100% Solid Copper Mugs

Individually Hand Crafted

Custom Engraving Available

Fair Trade Exclusive From Turkey

Tin Lining Available

Naturally Antimicrobial

Riveted Handles (Premium Line)

Paykoc Quality & Service Guaranteed!

4 Pack of Copper Mugs
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Moscow Mule History

The story begins like a familiar joke with three businessmen at a loss, wondering how in the world they can move their products. They are gathered on the Sunset Strip of Hollywood, in an Old English style pub named the “Cock n’ Bull,” in the early 1940’s.

Burdened by their acquisitions, they put their heads together and realize they each have a piece of the puzzle. John G Martin, who seized a chance and bought the Smirnoff brand, was having trouble getting customers to favor his vodka over gin when ordering white spirits. His friend, Jack Morgan, owner of the pub, laments that not enough people are drinking his homemade ginger beer. It was wasting away on the shelf in stoneware crocks. A third, mysterious character had come into possession of some copper mugs that must find some purpose. In a moment of clarity, the pieces were put together, garnished with some lime, and the Moscow Mule was created.

It was John G. Martin, though, who gets the most credit for turning the Moscow Mule into a nationwide sensation. He knew having a tasty recipe wasn’t enough. The idea was hatched to have a kicking mule engraved on the mugs, perhaps prompted by the strong kick of the ginger beer. He then hit the streets, going from bar to bar with one of the earliest Polaroid cameras. He would gift a photograph to one bartender holding his mugs and vodka and show a copy the next bartender. Not wanting to get a step behind their competition, barkeeps stocked and promoted the drink for him. Martin also found ways to get photos taken with Hollywood stars posing with his wares. The name “Moscow Mule” became ingrained on the cocktail, as well as, its presentation in a deliciously cold, solid copper mug.

Our Copper Mugs

Our mugs are all sourced from copper ore that is extracted from mines around Turkey and further refined into pure copper. This process is generally referred to as Concentrating in which bits of dirt, soil, and other non-copper bearing materials are removed from the ore.

This ore undergoes a refinement process known informally as the “flotation method” where it is mixed with water, crushed into a paste, mixed with chemicals and frothing agents, and has air pumped through it to form bubbles/froth that are 60% copper. The froth is collected and condensed and then smelted in the traditional manner to achieve a 99% copper material.

Electrolysis is then used to further refine the material into 100% pure copper. The pure copper is then transported to a finishing plant in Eastern Turkey where it is transformed into rolled sheets. The sheets are cut into the appropriate shapes which are sent to our manufacturing facility in Istanbul, Turkey which has been producing fine Paykoc copper mugs since 1960.

The process in which the mugs are made is proprietary and includes 18 patented steps. The pure copper is stamped into a cylindrical shape, the lip is rolled, and the handles are handcrafted and hand riveted to the mug before the Paykoc logo is stamped on the bottom and the copper mugs are sent to packaging.

Many different styles of our mugs are made in this fashion and exclusively imported to the United States by Paykoc Imports. If you want to read more about this process in detail see our full write-up on our blog here.

About Paykoc Imports

Paykoc Imports (pronounced pie–coach) is a family owned importer of fine Turkish and Eastern goods based in Denver, Colorado. Along with our copper mugs we possess one of, if not the, largest collections of meerschaum pipes in the industry. Our beautiful meerschaum and briar smoking pipes are always of the highest quality and value you will find anywhere. Our copper Moscow Mule mugs come in wide variety of styles and are perfect for home or commercial use. We have a vast collection of home décor items ranging from figurines, jewelry boxes, crystals, chimes, copper kitchen and home accents.

We are here to provide excellent wholesale services for gift shops, smoke shops, restaurants, bars and to our wide and varied range of customers. We also offer custom engraving options, get your company logo engraved on any of our pieces to display your business proudly. For over 25 years our showroom in Denver, CO has been a retail destination that offers the same excellent value we have online, only in person. Let Paykoc Imports help spice up your surroundings :)


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