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Have you been looking for that special gift, one that is elegant, personalized and really shows that special someone you care? Or maybe you need to personalize something for yourself to make it yours or help you remember a special event.

At Paykoc Imports we want to make your gifts special, and what better way to do that then engraving. Whether you are buying that gift with us or somewhere else we want to help you make it special and offer sever different ways to do that.

Do you need some gift ideas? Take a look at this list of just some of the ways engraving your gifts can make them special or give them the personal flare you have been looking for.

Personalized Gifts

  • Wedding -

    • Wedding Party - Engraved beer mugs, flasks, shot glasses or jewelry make excellent gifts for your bridesmaids and groomsman. Putting their name or memorable quote shows how much you value their friendship.
    • Wedding Guests - Help your wedding guests remember your special day with engraved glasses. Or help them remember your special day is coming with engraved “save the date” shot glasses.
  • Anniversaries

    • Special Someone - Show your loved ones how much the years you have spent together means to you with a necklace, ring, watch, flask, or picture frame
    • Work Anniversary - show your employees how much their years of service has meant to your company with an elegant pen, picture frame or placard
  • Sporting Events

    • Kentucky Derby - Get your mint julep cup engraved with a lucky horse shoe or the Kentucky derby logo
    • Super Bowl, World Series, Stanley Cup, NBA Championship, etc. - Is it the first time your team has made it to the championship? Nothing says team spirit quite like an engraved beer stein with their logo.
  • Other Special Milestones - Many times things come up in our lives that deserve to be celebrated, such as your daughters first piano recital or sons tenth game winning home run. It’s not every day these memorable events happen, and you want to give a gift that will forever etch that memory in stone. Engraved jewelry, trophies or picture frames work great for these types of events

Special Days

  • Birthday - Struggling to find the perfect birthday gift for that special someone? Consider an engraved flask, watch, ring or necklace. They will know how much you care and never forget how much thought and time you put into picking the perfect gift.
  • Graduation - Show how proud you are of your friend or family member for all the work they went through to get to this point by engraving a picture frame or jewelry with a congratulations quote.
  • Retirement - Need to find something that shows your colleague how much your time with them has meant? An engraved placard or trophy will help them never forget the impact they made on your life.
  • New Baby - Engraved picture frames are a huge hit with new parents or grandparents. Having a picture of how cute and innocent they were when they were born is a great marker for how far they have come.
  • Trophies - Whether its sports, music, art, or other activities that the people we care about have won. Showing them how proud we are of their accomplishment is always said easily with a trophy, or medal that they can proudly display in their home.
  • Holidays - Whatever holiday is in the horizon; personalized holiday decorations can be a great way to help you remember memorable times you have had with your family. Whether its Babies First Christmas/ Hanukkah, personalized glass Easter eggs, or mom/dads first Mothers or Father’s Day. Every year you can relive those magical moments when you decorate for that holiday
  • Funeral - Although we don’t like to think about it, there is always the times in our lives when we lose someone we love. Having an engraved memory of a particularly hard funeral isn’t always something we want to remember; however, we do want to remember that person for all the good memories we had with them. Engraved urns, placard, or stones can help us remember the good times.


  • Employees - Show your employees how much you appreciate their hard work with an engraved pen or coffee cup that proudly displays your company logo.
  • Advertisement - No business can ever do without free advertising. Engrave pens are a great way to get the word out and show your customers you appreciate their business. Restaurants and bars can customize their glasses with embossed or engraved shot glasses, whiskey tumblers, wine glasses, and beer mugs.

Give Yourself a Gift of Personalization

Are you looking for a way to stay motivated at work, the gym or anywhere in life? Engraving a coffee cup or water bottle with your favorite motivational quote can help light the fire inside you whenever you see it. Love that favorite pipe or bong and want to personalize it with your name or favorite design? We do that too!!

Engraving Styles

Now that we have covered some of the thousands of things you can get engraved let’s talk about what type of engraving will work best for you. At Paykoc Imports we have three different engraving styles that vary depending on what you are engraving and how you want it to look.

There are two types of engraving styles, the only difference being how it is displayed on the item. The engraving process indents the item with the phrase, words, or logo of your choice. The image is sketched into the item with a laser, sandblaster or diamond tipped tool. Embossing is different due to how the item is made. A mold is created from your design or phrase and the item is then created from that mold. The image is external verses internal, guaranteeing that it will never fade or change. This type of engraving is great for Moscow Mule cups with bar or restaurant logos, as the mold can be used as many times as needed.

Engraving Methods

How you choose to get your piece engraved can very as well. Different methods can produce different results and certain methods are better for certain materials.

Metal Engraving

This method uses a fixed tip that is similar to a drill tip to cut deep grooves into the surface of the object. At Paykoc Imports we use a specialized machine that easily transfers your images into your preferred piece. This method works great for metal pieces such as copper flasks, Moscow Mule Mugs, and Mint Julip cups.


The Sandblasting method is the best option when it comes to etching designs into glass. The glass piece is first prepped with a hand-applied protective film and then the piece is blasted with streams of pressurized abrasive that imprints the image into the glass. This is a popular option for beer steins, shot glasses, glass pipes and bongs.

Laser Engraving

The laser engraving method uses a high-pressure laser to fracture the object at a microscopic level which vaporizes the piece. It works similar to a pen or pencil as it traces a preprogrammed design. This differs from other methods as it does not use abrasive materials or tool bits. This method works great for wood, ceramic, stone or metal.

No matter what your reason for engraving something for you or a loved one. Personalizing ideas change them in a way that makes them special. You might not always remember when you got that picture frame on the wall or that necklace hanging in your jewelry box. But you will remember that item when you look down and see the engraved sentimental quote “with love always – mom”.