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Over 25 years ago Charlie Paykoc (pronounced, pie–coach) arrived in Denver, CO, ready to start a fresh chapter in life and find his niche in a new American market. After a few years of working varied jobs for others, he took his first step towards employment independence and imported a batch of meerschaum pipes from his homeland of Turkey. From humble beginnings, our network of wholesale accounts grew, along with our expanding range of products.  In 1985 Paykoc Imports became incorporated, and the ground was laid for a future of providing quality products and services, while seeking out fresh new products to help expand our selection of unique items for both wholesale and retail customers.

Over the years, the business grew for Charlie and so did his family. His wife, Judy, kept the business running as he sought out new clients and travelled back to Turkey to find the best artisans of new products. Growing up within the hustle and bustle of the family business, Altan Paykoc began to take on responsibilities and the torch was passed on to a new generation. Now, Paykoc Imports has grown in scope and vision, as well as, employees.  Our team of workers is constantly striving to find new ways to keep the business evolving and competitive.  Paykoc Imports has thrived for years with the help of our customers, and we are proud to offer the highest level of customer service, build lasting relationships, and be a stable resource of quality products.

We now possess one of, if not the, largest collections of meerschaum pipes in the industry. Our beautiful briar and glass smoking pipes are always of the highest quality and best value you will find anywhere. Our copper Moscow Mule Mugs are of the finest quality and are perfect for home or commercial use. We have a vast collection of home décor items ranging from figurines, jewel boxes, crystals, chimes, copper kitchen and home  accents, and the list goes on…

We are here to provide excellent wholesale services for gift shops, smoke shops, restaurants and bars to our wide and varied range of customers. Our many years of establishment in Denver, CO have made us a retail destination as well, and we offer excellent  value online and in person. Let us help spice up your business or home.

Please stop by if you are in Denver.  Our hours are 9am to 5pm, Monday to Friday. Saturdays from 10am to 2pm.  We are open to the public!

Paykoc Imports, Inc
5733 Logan Court
Denver, CO 80216
1 (888) 657-2881
1 (303) 293-2932