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6 Ways You Might Not Have Known Lighting Can Affect Your Emotion

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,4th Apr 2018
 6 Ways You Might Not Have Known Lighting Can Affect Your Emotion

Most people don’t think about light. They just sort of take it for granted. The sun comes up every day just like it always has and after it goes down if we need some light we just flip a switch and voila! Instant light. But light is not just a bunch of photons who’ve arrived here from across the universe to make our lives predictable and convenient. It’s also a mood changer. That’s right. If you’re feeling down in the dumps there’s a decent chance the light you’re currently bathing in is part of the reason. Conversely, if you’re unusually chipper today you may want to thank Mr Sunshine or the particular combination of artificial lights your company uses to illuminate their office or store. Yes, light can have enormous influence over our emotions and below we’ll look at 6 reasons why that is.

From Sunshine to Turkish Mosaic Lamps: How Light Affects our Moods

You should always be aware of what type of light you’re subjecting yourself to because it just might be the reason you feel so blah today. Here are 6 ways lighting can affect your emotions.

  1. Blue Light is Energizing - Studies have shown that exposure to low intensity blue light can actually raise a person’s energy levels. People exposed to this type of light on a regular basis show enhanced cognitive abilities, are typically more alert and do not tire as easily. Remove the blue light and their energy levels decrease pretty rapidly and within a half hour they’re back in the land of lethargy with the rest of us. So if you have an important project at work that needs your undivided attention break out the blue light and get on it.
  2. Here Comes the Sun - Once upon a time there was a band called The Beatles who wrote a catchy little ditty called “Here Comes the Sun”. It was/is a hopelessly uplifting, optimistic ode to the positive effects of sunshine. Turns out the Fab Four were actually on to something because numerous studies conducted since the song came out all those years ago have proven pretty conclusively that exposure to natural light makes people feel happier and more positive about their lives and their lot. By contrast those who spent long days under harsh artificial light were typically less happy, less optimistic, missed more work days due to illness and were generally less loyal to their employers as well. So pull back the shade and let in the sun. It’s alright!
  3. The Ultimate Aphrodisiac - While chocolate, oysters and certain scents get all the press when it comes to ramping up the randy, light may play just as big a part in igniting a mojo bonfire as anything else. Banks of fluorescent lights might have their place but that place is not over your head while you and that special someone are gettin’ all friendly in front of the fire. Instead, imagine a darkened room with the firelight flickering and mosaic lamps on the end tables emitting evocative low light through their thick panes of colorful handmade glass. The range of emotions you can tap into with subtle light effects created by Turkish lamps is pretty astonishing and anyone who’s serious about mood lighting needs to have at least one handy at all times.
  4. Seasonal Affective Disorder - Often known by its acronym SAD seasonal affective disorder is what happens to some people in the northern latitudes during the winter when the sun only shines for a few hours a day. Copious studies have shown that this sort of prolonged light deprivation has a profound effect on the emotional state of many people. Symptoms of SAD include depression, low energy, difficulty sleeping, a sense of hopelessness and a general disconnect from things that used to interest you. Treatment for this often debilitating condition consists mostly of, you guessed it, exposure to light. So if you’re feeling down in the depths of winter check in with your doctor. It might be SAD making you sad.
  5. Turn on the Lights, Get the Munchies - Research indicates there’s a direct correlation between the level of light and the amount we eat. Turn the lights down low if you’re watching your weight studies show. Your appetite will be diminished and you’ll eat slower to boot. On the other hand if you want to put yourself in the mood for a good pig out session turn on the lights and get to it. This type of information goes a long way toward explaining why fast food restaurants are always so brightly lit and restaurants that want you to appreciate presentation and subtleties of taste are typically lit in a more restrained fashion. Just for the record lighting can also affect the way we perceive flavors. It’s thought that various types of ambient light make us perceive the colors of food differently which in turn affects how it tastes to us. For instance food presented under harsh light will seem bleached out and pretty tasteless while food presented in a restaurant with mosaic lamps will exhibit richer colors which will make the food seem more scrumptious.
  6. Make Mine Extra Spicy Please - Bright light has been shown to not only make you hungrier and more optimistic it can also make you experience more intense feelings than low light. When test subjects in a bright room were presented with chicken that had been prepared to different levels of spiciness from bland to OMG most chose the spiciest chicken. In a darkened room however, most went for the blander seasoning. People have also been shown to act more aggressively in brightly lit situations than they do when the lights are low. So if you’re not in the mood for spicy food or fisticuffs stay away from the brightly lit places!

Keep these facts in mind while planning the lighting scheme for your home or business and then check out our extensive selection of stunning, mood setting Turkish mosaic lamps.