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2015 Interior Design Predictions: Is Copper Still Hot?

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,20th Jan 2015
2015 Interior Design Predictions: Is Copper Still Hot?

We are a little over halfway through the first month of the year and with the holiday season now well behind us, we thought it'd be a good time to make some interior design predictions for this year. If you're thinking about overhauling your bathroom's design or perhaps freshening up your living room, the ideas we outline below will hopefully serve as inspiration, helping you to find a new look for your home that's "just right." Copper was very much the material of the moment in 2014. Is it going to remain popular this year? Trends are not as easy to identify as they once were, since many homeowners nowadays make their decor about individuality and personality rather than about following what's perceived to be fashionable. That's not to say they don't exist though; you just have to look a little closer!

What's Going to Be Popular This Year?

Will we get it right or won't we?! We're going to put our necks on the line by saying that we believe the following design styles and choices will be heavily used as we move through 2015.

  • Mixing Metals - Last year if you didn't have copper in the design of your home's interior then you were missing a trick and we don't believe that's going to change. The rich, warm color of copper adds another dimension to any room, but this year we believe that you'll see it increasingly "mixed and matched" with other types of metals. Particularly with cooler metals such as silver, as the contrast that this creates is breathtaking and draws your eyes right to it as if they were magnetic.
  • Time to Go Natural - This year, what we can only describe as the "natural look," is going to be popular. Arguably the easiest and most effective way to integrate this design trend into your home's design is to simply buy plants. Potted plants are perfect and you should use pots made from different materials (copper pots work exceptionally well) and ensure that they are of varying heights to produce a visually stimulating display. Salvaged wood and natural stone are two other elements that can help you create a truly engaging natural aesthetic.
  • Wallpaper is Sticking Around - Wallpaper has made a surging comeback over the last couple of years and that's not going to stop this year, although feature walls are not likely to be as popular. What you most likely will see is a greater range of wallpaper designs that utilize rather bold patterns. We're predicting this will be one of those "love it or hate it" trends.
  • Color, Color on the Wall.. - Every year there is a massive debate about which color is going to dominate over the course of the next year. Pantone, for example, have named "Marsala" as their color of the year 2015, but rather than naming a specific color we're going to comment on what general direction people will likely go in. White or bright has generally been the standard selection property owners have made in recent years, but we see that starting to change in 2015, with darker, moodier hues being used instead. This could mean using navy, charcoal or maybe even a color such as aubergine.
  • Calculated Blend of Old & New - Mixing furniture items from different periods can make for a very interesting interior, adding depth to it as well as making it more dynamic. This can be as easy as adding a beautiful copper pot rack and some copper cookware to your kitchen and this design trick works especially well in living room areas.
  • Digital Prints - We're seeing digital prints more and more frequently in our lives and we think that this year that might translate into increased use in the home. More and more property owners are utilizing prints on wallpaper and the images you select can be imposed onto virtually any surface, including the floor, ceiling and furniture such as table and chairs. Digital prints add an extra level of uniqueness to your home's design and really give you the freedom to impose your personal tastes and preferences onto your interior design.
  • a Good Way - Since the early 2000's minimalism and contemporary design has captured the world's imagination, but is the tide starting to turn? Contemporary design certainly isn't for everyone and while we don't recommend you buy loads of items and clutter your home up just for the hell of it, displaying a number of items that are meaningful to you is a great way to create an interior design that is warm and inviting.

And there you have it. What do you think is going to trend this year? As always, don't be afraid to write to us with your thoughts and definitely take pictures if you end up following any of the trends listed above. 2015 is a great year to give your home a new image!