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7 Awesome Bar Tricks Every Man Should Know


So you’re in your favorite watering hole on Thursday night and, while there’s a decent mix of regulars and fresh faces, the overall energy level is about what you’d expect during morning bingo at the retirement home. What to do? Well, you could go up to the most beautiful woman in the place and declare your undying love just to see what happens. But if she’s the gf of the biggest guy in the place you may need a couple of copper mugs to collect your teeth afterward. A better idea is to save yourself a trip to the dentist and simply roll out some nifty bar tricks.

Ramp up the Fun with These Awesome Bar Tricks

  1. Turning Whiskey into Water- Fill 2 shot glasses to the brim: one with water, one with whiskey. Bet your friends you can turn the water into whiskey (or vice versa). When they balk, take a playing card and place it on top of the water-filled glass. Turn the glass over making sure to hold the card firmly in place. Some water will spill but keep it to a minimum. Place the overturned water glass onto the shot glass full of whiskey and pull the card a tiny bit to the side. The whiskey being lighter will migrate slowly upward into the water glass displacing the water which will sink into the whiskey glass. In a few minutes the contents of the glasses will have switched. Amazing!
  2. Remove the straw without touching it - Take a short straw and put a toothpick through it about ⅓ of the way from the end. Then place this cross-shaped straw into an empty beer bottle. The toothpick will prevent the straw from falling into the bottle. Challenge your buddies to remove the straw without touching it or the toothpick or knocking over the bottle. Tell them if they can you’ll buy them a set of Moscow Mule mugs for their next party. After they fail it’s your turn. What you didn’t tell them was that you put a tiny bit of Sambuca into the bottom of the bottle. You now light a match and drop it into the bottle which causes the Sambuca to flare up and push the straw out of the bottle! And you get to keep the Moscow Mule mugs for yourself!
  3. The Quantum Olive - With this trick you’re going to pull some fancy quantum junk on your bar buddies by making an olive leap from one napkin to another. Ready? Place 2 napkins on the bar about a foot apart. Place an olive on one napkin and ask the assembled skeptics to move it to the other napkin using only a snifter. No touching the olive with their hand, no blowing on it and no moving the napkin. After they fail, flip the snifter over and, holding it just a fraction of an inch above the napkin (so as not to move it), start twirling the snifter around the olive. The centrifugal motion will force the olive up into the snifter. Keep twirling the snifter, lift it slowly and deliver the olive to the other napkin. Viola!
  4. Remove the Dime - Set 2 shot glasses on the bar upside down. Place a dime under one of the glasses. Take a match and place it between the 2 glasses so that the force of the glasses holds the match up. Now challenge your barmates to remove the dime without causing the match to fall to the bar. But they can’t touch the match in any way. Give them all a chance to fail. When it’s your turn take another match, light it and hold it under the sulphur end of the match between the glasses. Let that match flare up and then blow it out gently. The burnt sulphur will fuse to the glass so you can lift it and remove the dime without the match falling to the bar.
  5. The Incredible Moving Straw - Take a bottle of beer and a plastic straw. Challenge your friends to lay the straw across the open beer bottle and make it spin without touching it or blowing on it. When it’s your turn take the straw and rub it on your clothes for a few seconds to create static. Then place the straw across the top of the bottle and move your finger around it. The static charge will cause the straw to be attracted to your finger and it will follow your finger around and around.
  6. Drop a Dime - Take an empty beer bottle and place a business card over the top. Then place a dime (or any coin that’s small enough to fit into the bottle) on top of the business card above the opening of the bottle. Bet your friends some copper mugs that you can get the coin into the bottle without grabbing the card or touching the bottle. Let them try it. After they fail set it up again and just flick the business card from underneath with your finger. The card will fly away and the coin will fall into the bottle. The smaller the coin and the larger the opening on the beer bottle the easier it will be.
  7. The Alternating Shots - Line up 6 shot glasses. The first 3 in line will be full, the other 3 will be empty. Challenge your friends to create alternating full, empty, full, empty, full, empty glasses by just moving one glass. 99% of them will just scratch their heads and give up because they don’t know the secret. But you do and here it comes… Of the 3 full glasses lift up the middle one and empty the contents into the middle ‘empty’ glass. Then set the formerly full glass back down between the other two full glasses. You’ve only moved one glass and you’ve created the alternating full, empty pattern.

Remember; everybody loves a trick. What they don’t love is feeling like you made a fool of them. So keep everything light and never give anyone a hard time for failing. That way the biggest guy in the bar won’t take offense and you won’t need emergency dental work.


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