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A Custom Vintage Brass Coffee Mill Makes a Beautiful Housewarming Gift

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,9th Oct 2020
A Custom Vintage Brass Coffee Mill Makes a Beautiful Housewarming Gift

When friends or relatives move into a new home it is always hard to know what to buy them as a housewarming gift, especially if it is not their first home and they have already acquired most of the essentials over a period of time. But don’t despair: if you buy them a personalized vintage brass coffee grinder, you can be quite sure you won’t be giving them something they already have! That’s not the only reason one of our gorgeous vintage brass coffee mills will make a great housewarming gift of course. There are many attractive features that are sure to endear our grinders to anyone you choose to buy them for.

Say Congratulations with an Engraved Vintage Brass Coffee Grinder

Choose a personalized vintage brass coffee grinder for a housewarming gift and your friends or relatives are sure to be absolutely delighted.

  • Made From Top Quality Brass That Is Carefully Aged – Our vintage brass coffee mills are manufactured from high-quality brass that has been carefully aged to give it a genuine vintage appearance. In a world where so many appliances and devices are uncompromisingly modern, a beautiful vintage coffee grinder provides a pleasant change of pace. They blend in seamlessly with country-style kitchens and offer a pleasing contrast in more modern homes. What’s more, the brass is very easy to maintain in a beautiful condition and will last for as long as the house in which it sits.
  • High-Performance Steel Grinding Mechanism – You’ll be pleased to know that looks are not the only thing our custom vintage brass coffee grinders have going for them: they are designed with performance in mind too. Each grinder is fitted with a steel grinding mechanism that will reduce fresh beans to the perfect consistency and help to bring out all the flavor locked within. Many grinders that are designed with aesthetics in mind are a disappointment when it comes to day-to-day use but ours are made with both function and form in mind.
  • Make Guests Feel Special – Whenever the recipient of your gift has friends round in the future, they will be able to make them feel really special by preparing fresh coffee with their new grinder. Our personalized vintage brass coffee mills are made according to a traditional Turkish design and are guaranteed to add a touch of style to any occasion on which they are used: freshly ground coffee is a treat at any time but when the beans are prepared with a Turkish vintage brass coffee mill, that treat turns into a special occasion.
  • Engraved With a Personal Message – Even without the option to customize your purchase, one of our grinders would make a fantastic gift that is sure to be appreciated by anyone lucky enough to receive it but with a personal message engraved in the brass, it will become something truly special. Whether you choose to express your feelings for the recipient with your message or simply offer your congratulations on their new home, we guarantee they are going to be really thrilled with their personalized vintage brass coffee grinder. And if you’d rather we engraved an image onto the brass, we can do that as well.
  • A Unique Gift – Forget about the customization options for a minute: a Turkish vintage brass coffee grinder is a unique gift even when it hasn’t been engraved, making it an excellent choice for couples and families that seem to already have almost everything they could possibly desire. You could search high and low in the local shopping mall and never hope to find a gift as lovely. Take a look at the product pictures on our site and you will see what we mean. And when your new coffee mill actually arrives, we promise it will look even better than it does in the photos!
  • Available at a Great Price – A beautiful engraved vintage brass coffee grinder from Paykoc Imports is surprisingly affordable, especially when compared to the retail prices for similar products that are on sale in local stores across the country. Not only will you be unable to find anything quite as nice in your local stores, you definitely won’t find anything that is priced so affordably either. Whether you order a single custom vintage brass coffee mill or half a dozen, you are guaranteed the keenest prices and the best quality products when you shop with us.
  • Delivered to Your Door – Shopping for housewarming gifts can be a tedious and often stressful task that spoils the anticipation of a pleasant day out. However, if you order a personalized vintage brass coffee grinder from us to present to your friends, you won't have to spend hours of your free time wandering around the local mall, desperately trying to find something they will really like. Just choose the customization options you want, pop the grinder in your virtual cart, proceed to the checkout stage, enter your details and pay, and you're all done. It really couldn't be any easier.

If you have any questions about our custom vintage brass coffee mills or you would like to place a wholesale order, please feel free to contact us by phone during business hours or to send us a message by email at any time. And if you’re ready to place your order now, please don’t let us delay you any further! As soon as we receive your order we will arrange for it to be engraved, packed and sent out to you.