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Activate Your Home Bar with Custom Copper Distilling Pots from Paykoc

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,26th Nov 2019
Activate Your Home Bar with Custom Copper Distilling Pots from Paykoc

There’s nothing like having a home bar where you can entertain friends and unwind after a long day. And few things will bring that home bar to life quite like a customized copper pot still from Paykoc Imports.

Our copper pot stills are available in two bar-friendly sizes of 2 liters and 1/2 liter. Either one will quickly become the centerpiece of your home refreshment center, whether it's in the basement where you indulge your sports obsession, or in the dining room where more refined pursuits prevail. Even if you don't have a home bar having a custom copper pot still on the granite kitchen countertop is going to bring the “wows” from all your guests.

A Brief History of Distillation

The simple process of fermentation which led to the production of mead, and then beer and wine goes back at least 4,000 years. And in all likelihood, much further. By contrast, the distilling process didn't really gather steam (so to speak) until about 1,000 years ago. And it wasn't until another 400 or 500 years had passed that distilled products began to be used for recreational purposes.

Some people ascribe the discovery of distillation to the ancient practice of alchemy. Alchemists were convinced that if they just brought together the right combination of elements and steps, they could, literally, turn lead into gold. Of course, they're still trying to figure that out, but along the way some historians believe that around the 4th or 5th century, they stumbled upon distillation. Though they apparently didn't realize what they had.

The next we hear about the process is in the Middle East during the 9th century when another one of those alchemists invented the alembic still. The clear forerunner of today's pot stills. However, because this was the Middle East and Islamic orthodoxy forbids the consumption of alcohol, the alembic pot still was not used to distill alcohol for public consumption. Instead, its inventors viewed it as something of a failure (no gold, you see).

By the 12th century, we find that the alembic still has migrated to Italy and is being used to produce distilled alcohol for medical purposes. Although at this early date, even the medical potential of alcohol was not at all appreciated. Finally, in the 15th century, we have our first mention of distilled spirits, or "aqua vitae," being consumed for relaxation and enjoyment. And today, you get to enjoy your custom copper pot still from Paykoc as a result.

How Your Personalized Copper Pot Still Works

Introducing the Liquid

Whether you're distilling spirits for a few select guests or for mass-market consumption, the process doesn't really change. Only the volumes involved change. With a pot, still you’re dealing with specific amounts of mash that are going to get distilled into spirits. With personalized copper pot stills from Paykoc, the beginning amount will be either 2 liters or 1/2 liter. In most cases, a direct flame will be introduced under the pot.

Heating the Liquid

As your mash heats up parts of it vaporize and rise toward what is called the “onion”; the bulbous area right below the neck. Some of the vapors condense on the roof of the onion and fall back into the mash in a process called ‘reflux’ that helps eliminate some of the less desirable aroma and taste elements. The rest of the vapors continue up into the neck and then down into the condenser.

Condensing the Vapors

The condenser of your personalized pot still is just a scaled-down version of a commercial condenser. It consists of a copper cup that's filled with cold water and into this water runs an extension of the neck carrying the vapors. As the vapors pass through the cold pipe in the water, they condense and then run out a spout at the bottom where they're collected (in this case) by a shot glass or some other appropriately sized vessel.

Once the distillation process is complete, the leftover mash is discarded, and the pot cleaned so that it's ready for next time.

The Beauty of the Personalized Pot Still

Our copper pot stills are some of our most enigmatic and popular items. Their timeless beauty and the simple elegance of their functionality combine to make them the subject of fascination for young and old. Some folks use them as straight-up art objects and conversation pieces. While others keep them behind the bar and use them to create a special drink for special occasions.

However, you decide to use it a personalized copper pot still from Paykoc Imports will be an important addition to your decor. While at the same time enhancing your ability to provide your holiday and dinner party guests with something to remember. They’re also an outstanding value when you consider that they have no moving parts and are capable of lasting centuries (yes, centuries) if properly cared for.

Order Your Custom Copper Pot Still from Paykoc Today

A personalized copper pot still will light up your home bar, kitchen counter or display case in unique and satisfying ways. In the time it will become a family heirloom that transcends ordinary measurements of value. To get yours, simply use the online order form or call Paykoc and talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales associates. They're here to help you understand the customization process and ensure you get the custom copper pot still you want.