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Five Great Ways to Beautify Your Cocktails

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,10th Oct 2023
Five Great Ways to Beautify Your Cocktails

Over time everyone who enjoys cocktails develops a favorite. Whether they're vodka martinis (shaken, not stirred), cosmopolitans, or Moscow Mules with their copper mugs, specialty drinks find a place in our social routine and tend to stay with us for the duration. But just as sure as people develop favorite cocktails they also reach a point where the whole routine becomes a little tiresome. When that happens it's time to add some bling to your favorite and reignite the passion you once felt for your old flame. In this post, the team at Paykoc Imports looks at five ways to beauty-up your cocktails.

From Barware to Flowers: Five Ways to Beautify Cocktails

When it comes to cocktails the presentation is often as important as the drink itself. So if you're staring at your favorite drink tonight trying to remember when the bloom came off the rose, don't despair. Just employ any of the following tips and bring your tired cocktail back to life.

Custom Barware

Sometimes it's not the drink we grow tired of it's the delivery vehicle. In that case, an easy way to rekindle your romance with your best is to switch up the glass. In some cases that might mean buying new glasses of a different style. Or it might mean using copper cups instead of mugs for your Mules. Or it might mean picking up a unique vintage glass at an antique store. Whatever works.


It's not always the fault of the glassware. If you've been using the same slice of lime to garnish your drink for as long as you can remember it's time to turn down the road less traveled and switch things up. Instead of a slice use a peel. Instead of no garnish thread a couple of blackberries onto a rosemary sprig and plop that in your glass! Or how about lining your glass with a cucumber ribbon? Think outside the glass and great things happen.

Leave Your Mark

So many cocktails call for ice and yet every bar in every town on every continent uses the same dull cubes. If you really want to make your cocktail more compelling start by messing with the ice. Ice cube molds are available in just about every size and shape these days so take advantage of that fact. You can also pick up tiny "branding irons" that will let you stamp all sorts of images or graphic flourishes right into your cubes.

Light It Up

Ever tried adding fire to shots of Bacardi 151 before downing them? We thought so. Well, this is the same idea but it doesn't require you to drink a whole shot of what is basically grain alcohol. Instead, before you raise your glass add a bit of Habanero bitters to the top of the drink. It will bring the heat without the attendant risk of third-degree burns.

Flower Power

Finally, if you're looking for a way to leave your party guests speechless serve them cocktails with real flowers floating on top. Flowers that are safe to use include dandelions, daisies, lilac, lavender, pansies, violets, honeysuckle, and hibiscus. While these blossoms are not poisonous it's still a good idea to remind your guests not to eat them. Just to be safe.

Final Thoughts

The rules of cocktail presentation are not written in stone. So if you're looking for ways to infuse your favorite cocktail with new life consider any of the tips listed above. And for high-quality Moscow Mule mugs, personalized copper cups, and much, much more peruse the Paykoc Imports online store. Or stop by our brick-and-mortar shop on Logan Court in Denver.