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Custom Cleansing Selenite Bowl

Posted by ,11th Feb 2021
Custom Cleansing Selenite Bowl

Whether you call it selenite, desert rose, satin spar or anything else, selenite is a special type of mineral whose energetic properties have long been coveted and cultivated. Technically a form of gypsum, pure selenite forms crystals, some of which are among the largest ever found. But beyond its aesthetic charms selenite is considered one of the apex metaphysical cleansers, with the ability to open the Crown Chakra and dissipate negative energy. A custom cleansing selenite bowl in your home will emanate powerful vibrations that enable you and your loved ones to open a door to your higher selves.

The Immense Value of a Personalized Cleansing Selenite Bowl from Paykoc Imports

A custom selenite bowl from Paykoc Imports can be enjoyed on its own for its immensely pleasing aesthetic qualities. It makes a particularly stunning addition to contemporary decor and is sure to gain pride of place in the kitchen, living room or bath. But a cleansing selenite bowl has value that transcends its beauty including:

Its Ability To Integrate Conscious and Subconscious - Selenite omits the highest frequency spiritual vibrations of any mineral. That, in turn, enables it to act as a medium linking the conscious and the subconscious. By providing a bridge between the material and spiritual worlds a custom cleansing selenite bowl fosters greater awareness, promotes tranquility and allows the spirit to see beyond the visible.

Its Ability To Heal the Auric Field - For those who don’t know, the term “auric field” refers energy field that encompasses all humans. This field is the result of the electrical energy that courses through us all and drives our nervous system. When the auric field becomes unbalanced, health and wellbeing suffer. Selenite is known to bring harmony to the auric field, enabling a higher degree of mental, emotional and physical vitality.

Its Ability To Dispel Negative Energy - Take advantage of selenite’s ability to dispel negative energy by placing a custom selenite bowl from Paykoc on your kitchen counter, living room coffee table or bathroom shelf. The mere presence of this beautifully crafted selenite bowl will help balance the energetic force of whoever or whatever enters with the auric energy of those people or things already in the room.

Its Ability To Dispel Negative Energy - We touched on the notable aesthetic properties of selenite and the cleansing selenite bowl earlier, but it bears repeating. These bowls are the absolute epitome of clean lines and purity of design. They have a meditative quality to them that is certain to rub off on any environment promoting a sense of calm, and they make an ideal accent piece for minimalist kitchen or bath decor.

The Custom Cleansing Selenite Bowl: The Perfect Gift

A custom-printed selenite bowl from Paykoc Imports makes the perfect gift for a multitude of occasions, including:

Housewarmings - Moving into a new home is a joyous, exciting time and everyone wants things to get off on the right foot. You could give your friend or family member a plant or a fancy candle as a housewarming gift. But giving a personalized cleansing selenite bowl instead helps ensure that the energy in the new home is balanced and generative right from the start. It’s the ultimate way to say you care.

Birthdays - Whether someone is turning 18 or 80 you want them to enjoy happiness, health, peace of mind, and success in whatever they do. Giving a beautiful selenite bowl to the birthday boy or girl is a great way to promote all of those things. Our highly trained technicians are masters of the UV printer and can print any name, date or other information, as well as graphic touches, images and more on your gift bowl to make it personally special, as well as useful.

Promotions - When a family member or friend is promoted at work, or experiences another kind of significant professional milestone, giving them a custom selenite bowl can keep negative energy at bay and promote harmony and positivity as they enter into a new and exciting phase of their life. We all do our best work when we are relaxed. The cleansing selenite bowl is a good way to ensure the recipient faces every day at the top of their game.

New Baby - When someone you know welcomes a new member of the family it’s the perfect time to gift them with a personalized cleansing selenite bowl. The ability of the selenite to absorb and dispel negative energy makes it an ideal addition to any home where young children will be present. We can print it with the baby’s name and birthdate, along with any good wishes or important imagery you wish. Once it takes its place in the home it will be a powerful advocate for harmony and wellbeing.


The custom cleansing selenite bowl is one of the great, unexpected gifts you can present to someone. Whether as a birthday present, graduation or promotion present, a housewarming gift, or a baby shower gift, a selenite bowl customized by the artisans at Paykoc Imports will become an instant heirloom and a valued addition to the recipient’s decor.

Remember, our UV printers produce extremely durable text and imagery on any surface, including selenite. The finished product is crystal clear and compelling and will stand up to years of environmental pollution, cleaning products, and regular handling. Talk to the folks at Paykoc to learn more about the UV printing process and to order your beautiful personalized cleansing selenite bowl today.