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​Custom Copper Cauldrons from Paykoc Imports

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,6th Feb 2020
​Custom Copper Cauldrons from Paykoc Imports

Cauldrons have a long and celebrated history dating back to the Late Bronze Age. While they have played an active part in food preparation down through the ages their role in mythology and legend is perhaps unmatched by any other type of vessel. At Paykoc Imports, we stock a wide variety of these compelling, handsome decorative items that can be fully customized to become cornerstones of your decor. Custom copper cauldrons establish the provenance of your home, make evocative landscaping accents and can also be used for their traditional purpose as cooking pots. Let’s take a closer look at the many ways customized copper cauldrons can inform and enhance your lifestyle.

A Brief History of the Cauldron

Cauldrons first appear in the historical record during the late Bronze Age, some 4,000 - 4,500 years ago. Right around the time construction was ramping up on the pyramids of Giza. At that time they were typically very large pots that could hold up to 15 or 20 gallons. They were used over open fires for the preparation of large quantities of food and often for boiling the meat off the bones of animals. These early cauldrons appear in the archeological record all the way from the Northern British Isles to the Middle East and China.

Of course, 4,000 years ago there was no English language so what we refer to as ‘cauldrons’ weren’t actually called cauldrons. The word itself doesn’t appear in recorded text until the 13th century and is likely derived from the Norman word ‘caudron’. Although many at that time also referred to these large cooking pots by the Norse word ‘ketill’, from which we get the modern ‘kettle’.

Custom copper cauldrons have been with us for thousands of years. Elaborately engraved copper cauldrons belonging to the ancient Persians have been unearthed in Iran. Custom engraved cauldrons have been found in China that date back more than 3,000 years. And the ancient Etruscans created copper and bronze cauldrons of incredible intricacy centuries before the Roman Empire came into being.

The cauldron has an equally rich history in the artistic culture of the West. Shakespeare popularized the notion of the cauldron as the plaything of witches in his masterpiece ‘Macbeth’. And that association with the dark arts continues to this day (see, Harry Potter). The artist William Blake informed many of his prints and engravings with images of cauldrons, which he believed played a central role in prophecy. And the cauldron is everywhere in Celtic folklore.

For all those reasons and many more custom copper cauldrons from Paykoc Imports fall neatly into the wider historical and mythological narrative. They imbue your kitchen, patio or backyard landscaping with a sense of timelessness and historical gravitas in a way few other items can. They require very little maintenance, they make a beautiful complement to copper downspouts, bring visual interest to the backyard deck or pool area and they’re destined to become an heirloom of your family because they last for centuries.

Custom Copper Cauldrons from Paykoc

Customizing your copper cauldrons turns an already beautiful and evocative item into the perfect landscape, deck or kitchen accent. Our leading-edge laser engraving machines are operated by our highly trained artisans who transfer whatever imagery, graphic flourishes or text you wish onto your cauldron. The finished product will take its place among your most treasured items and enhance the indoor and/or outdoor experience of your home for years to come.

What Can You Engrave Onto a Copper Cauldron?

Our dedicated pros are able to engrave any type of imagery or text you wish onto your copper cauldron. About the only limit is the physical size of the cauldron itself and, of course, color. These are engravings after all, not paintings. Here are some of the things customers have asked us to engrave on their personalized copper cauldrons:

  • The family name - Probably the most popular request. Cauldrons carrying the family name make outstanding landscape accents.
  • The family coat of arms - Having your coat of arms emblazoned on a cauldron makes for an heirloom future generations will cherish. Don't think you have a coat of arms? Think again. There's a high likelihood that a historical coat of arms exists for your surname. A quick internet search will likely reveal it.
  • Potions - Why not have some fun with the history of the cauldron and emblazon yours with a common potion? The love potion is a good one. Or how about a nice cooling potion for those hot summer days on the patio? Shakespeare would be proud.
  • An inspirational saying - A lot of customers like the idea of emblazoning an inspirational saying on their cauldron. It sets a positive tone or can help create a meditative atmosphere in the garden.

When it comes to your customized copper cauldron, just about anything that can be imagined can be engraved. Let us know what you have in mind. Our talented engravers will make it happen. And for less than you imagine.

The Bottom Line

At Paykoc, we take great pride both in the quality of the products we offer our customers and the quality of our customization services. Our engravers have many years of experience, are fully trained in the use of the latest cutting-edge laser engraving technology and sweat every last detail of every job. We wouldn’t have it any other way. Contact Paykoc today to learn more about our custom laser engraving services.