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Custom Copper Flasks from Paykoc: The Ultimate Manly Gift

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,28th Jan 2019
Custom Copper Flasks from Paykoc: The Ultimate Manly Gift

When it comes to manly gifts there is no shortage of ideas vying for your attention. Some of them are compelling while others are, to say the least, not so compelling. Among the latter group we have everything from eye black to the steak brand and of course, the personalized jug of tabasco sauce. While in the former category - i.e. those things a man might actually want - we have things like beard oil, flannel shirts and our favorite, the custom copper flask. When it comes to personal accoutrement it doesn’t get much more compelling than the hip flask. And if that flask is crafted from high-quality copper and personalized for your manly man, well, the cool meter is going to need a new upper limit.

A Short History of the Copper Flask

The flask has been with us since Roman times when they were primarily made of either stone or glass and were used to transport everything from oil, to perfume to small quantities of a favorite wine. During medieval times flasks began to be crafted from less rigid materials like leather (mostly because it was cheaper to make them this way) and also began to take on the design characteristics of what we now recognize as the classic flask.

Fast forward to the 18th century when the metal flask appeared on the scene. These were essentially the direct progenitors of today’s copper flasks complete with screw on lid and ultra-slim, compact size to facilitate easy concealment. What men carried in their flasks also changed as whiskey, gin and other more potent libations replaced wine. Today’s copper flasks then, represent centuries of design and material refinement and occupy a favored position on the pyramid of manly gifts.

The Origin of the Curve on the Hip Flask

The Romans tended to carry their glass or stone flasks in their leather travel bags. That’s because they didn’t have pockets on their clothes. As such a flask could be whatever shape you wanted to make it. Pockets didn’t find their way into mens garments until the late 17th century. And even then they were exceedingly rare. As they gradually became more common during the 18th century some ingenious types realized they’d make ideal places to conceal a flask of whiskey or whatever and so more durable metal flasks began to appear. Those soon took on the characteristic curve we know and love today which was intended to accommodate the curve of the hip or the leg, against which the metal flask would come to rest when inserted into the pocket.

A Custom Copper Flask for Every Occasion

At Paykoc we offer a full line of breathtaking copper flasks that can be customized to fit the precise needs and tastes of that manly guy on your gift list. These are beautifully crafted personal items and it’s only fitting that they should be engraved with text and/or imagery that speaks to the heart of the carrier. Some of the most popular ways to personalize our copper flasks are to engrave:

  • Birthday wishes - Engraving personalized birthday wishes on a copper hip flask is a great way to identify it as his. It’s also a great way to ensure that he never forgets who thought enough about him to have us create this one-of-a-kind birthday gift for him.
  • Retirement wishes - Now that he’s retired he’s earned the right to have a nip when he feels like it so the personalized copper flask represents the perfect declaration of independence from the cares of the working world. We’ll engrave his name and retirement date, along with whatever wishes you want to include to send him off into his leisure with style
  • Graduation- Has your guy recently graduated from college or reached some other academic milestone that’s worthy of remembrance? If so engraving details of the big day on a copper flask from Paykoc will provide the perfect memento and enable them to celebrate their accomplishments while sitting under the pines in the park or out on the patio on a lazy summer day.
  • Promotions - Not everyone finds their way to the top in life. Those that manage to rise above the crowd deserve a commemorative gift that’s as bold and timeless as their accomplishment. A personalized copper flask from Paykoc will be a keepsake they’ll long cherish and one that is bound to find a place in their heart - and their hip pocket - for years to come.
  • Sporting victories - Emerging victorious on the football field, basketball court, track, swimming pool or anywhere else is nothing to be scoffed at. In fact, it’s the kind of thing that cries out for commemoration. From a personal standpoint there’s no better way to do so than by ordering a custom copper flask from Paykoc. The team may have the league trophy, but your guy will always have his handsome copper hip flask as a ready reminder of his athletic prowess.

The Bottom Line

We could go on and on with more ways a custom copper flask is the perfect gift for the manly man in your life but you get the idea. To order yours just choose the copper flask you think will resonate with your guy from our extensive collection, let us know what you’d like engraved on it and leave the rest to us. We’ll make sure it’s the kind of gift he’ll never forget for all the right reasons.