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Custom Copper Planters from Paykoc

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,20th Jan 2020
Custom Copper Planters from Paykoc

At Paykoc we love copper items. We were one of the first US retailers to offer copper Moscow Mule mugs to the general public via the internet. And we remain one of the largest online distributors of those beautiful, evocative drinking vessels today. We also have one of the largest varieties of household copper items for sale you’ll find anywhere. And all are available for customization by our world-class team of artisans. Few, however, evoke more historic and domestic connotations than our copper planters. Breathtaking custom copper planters from Paykoc harken back to the Colonial period and are mainstays of thoughtful landscape design.

History of Engraved Copper Items

In case you’re under the impression that engraving copper was something that came about as a result of today’s laser technology, think again. Humans have been engraving various everyday items since we first learned to use our hands. Engraved sea shells have been found in Java which date back more than 500,000 years. By 60,000 years ago humans had taken to engraving bone and ivory. And some 10,000 years ago they began working with, and engraving, copper.

The ancient Egyptians produced elaborate engravings on gold, silver and copper. And there is copious evidence of copper engraving taking place in Ancient India as well. So your engraved copper oval planters will fit nicely into the historical narrative. Who knows? They may even become the object of study by future archeologists.

When Did People Start Using Copper for Planters?

The ancient Romans used copper for just about everything. There were copper tools, copper weapons, copper shields and highly polished copper and bronze sheets used as mirrors that had engraving around the edges. Copper also began to be used for drinking vessels, cooking pots and yes, planters, during the Roman Empire. And some of them were elaborately engraved.

After the fall of the Western Empire during the 5th century AD the art of copper engraving was largely lost. People began to hunker down and worry about more prosaic concerns, like finding food and protecting themselves from bands of marauding Goths. Copper didn’t really find its way back into the cultural conversation for several centuries until Charlemagne restored some kind of order to European affairs.

During the 16th and 17th centuries however, copper made an enormous comeback and was employed - along with its alloys brass and bronze - in every conceivable way in the homes of the well-to-do. Copper pots made a comeback, along with copper drinking vessels of every kind, copper cookware, copper coffee pots and even copper tubs. It was not unusual for many of these items to have elaborate engravings denoting ownership, recounting elements of folklore or just relishing in decorative decadence. Of course, custom copper planters also became all the rage during this period and you can still find some on the antiques market if you know where to look.

But why copper for planters? Why not iron? Because, unlike most other forms of metal including iron, copper doesn’t rust. Instead, it develops a patina (that distinctive fuzzy green finish) that actually seals the metal against the elements and prevents it from corroding out of existence. This is why copper roofing and downspouts remain such a popular choice for homeowners even today.

Custom Copper Planters from Paykoc

Our decorative planters are available in a variety of sizes, styles and finishes and all are candidates for personalization. Having your family name, family crest or other relevant information engraved on your planters adds an air of refinement and distinction to your landscaping. (It’s also a good way to deter others from absconding them, since they’d have your identifying marks on them.) Even if you forego the personal information our engravers can festoon them with the most intricate and evocative graphic designs you can imagine.

Our personalized copper planters are a hit with our customers for a number of reasons. First, they bring that much-desired air of refinement to a deck, patio or yard. Second, they can be personalized in literally any fashion you wish by our talented team of engravers. And third, they are truly timeless items that are destined to become part of the family lore and part of the property’s heritage. They’re an investment as much as a purchase, and they’re certain to become an heirloom future generations will treasure.

About Laser Engraving of Copper

At Paykoc our artisans use our state-of-the-art laser engraver to personalize copper items. Laser engraving has a multitude of advantages over other forms of engraving. These include:

  • The cleanest, clearest engravings possible. Virtually no detail down to a tiny fraction of an inch is beyond the ability of the laser engraver to render.
  • A completely ‘hands-off’ process. The laser engraver itself never comes in contact with the surface so there is no chance of it causing damage.
  • The fastest engraving process available. No other engraving process gets the job done so well or so fast.
  • Reproducibility - We can reproduce whatever image, text or graphics you desire with 100% precision from one copper planter to the next.
  • Affordability - When compared to the cost of hand engraving laser engraving, especially for multiple items, is a cost-effective alternative.

Order Your Engraved Copper Planters from Paykoc Today

Custom copper planters will transform the landscape of your home, endowing it with an unmistakable air of dignity and refinement. They’ll be immediate conversation pieces and the envy of friends and neighbors. Give us a call today at (888) 316-4572 to learn more about personalized copper planters from Paykoc.