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Custom Sacred Geometry Laser Engraved Beer Stein from Paykoc

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,6th Mar 2019
Custom Sacred Geometry Laser Engraved Beer Stein from Paykoc

The Custom Sacred Geometry Beer Stein from Paykoc is one of our most compelling creations and makes the ideal gift for the thinker in your life. The phrase “sacred geometry” is widely misunderstood as being related to some sort of fringe belief system involving aliens, Druids, the Nazca Lines and more. But it’s actually one of the few areas of human knowledge where science and religion converge. The only difference between science and religion when it comes to this phenomenon is in ascribing a source. For thousands of years the religiously inclined have attributed the undeniable geometric underpinnings of the world around us to an all-powerful creator. While scientists focus on the math.

So What is Sacred Geometry?

Important philosophers, scientists and religious leaders going back thousands of years have all recognized that the universe seems to have a geometric structure. The ancient Egyptians for instance were obsessed with this geometric foundation and built the pyramids in a way that perfectly expressed what later became known as sacred geometric principles. In the 5th century BC the Greek philosopher Plato stated his belief that God continually used geometry to construct the world. From the 12th to the 16th century Medieval and Renaissance architects used the principles of sacred geometry to design the great churches and cathedrals. And in the 17th century Johannes Kepler, a leading figure in the scientific revolution, also expressed his belief in a sacred geometric plan underlying the structure of the cosmos.

From Plato to Paykoc: the Custom Sacred Geometry Beer Stein

Despite all that it might be tempting to dismiss the concept of a mathematical underpinning to the universe as one of yesterday’s now discarded beliefs, like the flat earth. However, it’s anything but old news. In fact, many of today’s leading mathematicians argue vigorously that the universe can not only be explained by math (including geometry) but that it is constructed on strict mathematical principles from the galactic to the subatomic realms. They give numerous examples to support their thesis, including the fact that the radio wave, the planet Neptune and the recently confirmed Higgs Boson particle were all predicted by math long before they were actually discovered and verified. So your custom sacred geometry beer stein would not be some tip of the hat to the past, but place you squarely in the here and now.

Leonardo to Escher: Sacred Geometry in Art

It hasn’t just been holy men and women, philosophers and scientists who have tried to raise awareness of the geometry at the heart of existence. Artists and architects have also joined the fray. Virtually every aspect of Chartres Cathedral in France is based on the principles of sacred geometry, from the floorplan to the massing of the exterior elements. Likewise, the facade of the Parthenon in Athens can be broken down into a series of sacred geometric shapes working together to create visual harmony.

Maybe the most famous single expression in Western Art of the concept of sacred geometry is Leonardo Da Vinci’s “Vitruvian Man”. In his drawing Da Vinci places a man inside both a circle and square to demonstrate how the human body is actually an expression of geometric principles. In the 20th century the Dutch artist M.C. Escher used principles of sacred geometry to lay bare the interconnectedness he saw everywhere.

The Paykoc sacred geometry engraved beer stein then falls neatly into an artistic continuum. One that seeks to pay homage to the geometry underlying everything from the ground we walk on to the plants and animals we share the world with and the buildings we look to for solace and enlightenment.

Natural Examples of Sacred Geometry

Before it could be integrated into some of our most important buildings and works of art sacred geometry was first observed in the natural world. Some notable examples include snowflakes - which represent trillions upon trillions of individual examples of sacred geometry - and beehives which the bees instinctively construct in a hexagonal manner. Other notable examples of geometry in nature include the humble fern, the vortex left in the wake of a bird’s wing, the shape of a wave or a hurricane as well as the nautilus, the spider web and the starfish.

The Sacred Geometry Engraved Beer Stein

The custom Sacred Geometry Beer Stein from Paykoc is one of our most compelling creations. Beautifully conceived and realized by our master engravers using state of the art laser engraving machines this is more than a vessel for holding your mead. It’s an expression of universal truths that go beyond our everyday understanding and an acknowledgement of our deep-seeded connections to the world around us. We take great care in designing these stunning examples of the engraver’s art and are proud to offer them to our customers at a price that will bring a smile to the most frugal philosopher.

Give a Sacred Geometry Laser Engraved Heavy Glass Beer Stein Today

You don’t need to be a philosopher, mathematician, geometer, architect or shaman to appreciate the truth. And that’s what sacred geometry is: an honest, objective expression of the nature of things. Your custom engraved Sacred Geometry Engraved Glass from Paykoc will be the ignition point of a thousand conversations at future parties as well as a timeless addition to your kitchen or home bar. In addition, they make the perfect gift for the scientist or deep thinker on your gift list.