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Custom Selenite Cleansing Discs

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,5th Mar 2021
Custom Selenite Cleansing Discs

For thousands of years, selenite has been used to clear stagnant energy from the body and dissolve energy blockages. Selenite crystals are believed to activate the third-eye chakra, promote mental and emotional clarity, restore calm and promote healing. The Selenite Cleansing Disc can be used for all these purposes as well as to recharge other crystals and gemstones that are placed on it. Placing other crystals and gemstones on or near a cleansing disc magnifies their energy, and creates a local field of immense power and purity. With a custom Selenite Cleansing Disc in your home, you have a simple, powerful means of creating energetic protection grids.

The Power of the Personalized Selenite Cleansing Disc from Paykoc Imports

The ability of selenite to facilitate access to the Higher Self has been known for thousands of years. Selenite is an evaporative sedimentary mineral that contains enormous amounts of energy. It is created when the sediment at the bottom of ancient bodies of water is thrust upwards by tectonic forces, exposed to the air and hardened into crystal form. Science teaches us that mass = energy, and in the case of selenite, the amount and type of energy it stores during its long, profound creation process is virtually unmatched and can be harnessed to bring energetic balance to the auric field surrounding all living things.

An engraved Selenite Cleansing Disc from Paykoc Imports is a powerful tool for creating auric protection grids throughout your home that radiate positive and protective energy. And when printed with sacred texts by our master printers, it becomes an unparalleled source of regeneration, strength and protection. But that’s not all. The custom Selenite Cleansing Disc can also...

  • Eliminate negative energy - Humans are energy sponges. As we go through our day we collect both positive and negative energy wherever we roam. We may encounter negative energy at work, from passersby on the street, while shopping, or from unbalanced energy sources in the environment itself. Selenite enables us to dispel this negative energy regardless of its source and restore harmony to our auric field.
  • Cleanse other crystals and gemstones - The disc can be used to cleanse other energetic crystals and gemstones. When an energetic crystal is used in a healing session the negative energy it absorbs can throw it out of "tune". Think of this like static on a radio station. In order to restore its natural healing energy, the crystal or other stone needs to be cleansed. And that is where your Selenite Cleansing Disc enters the picture.
  • Charge other crystals and gemstones - Charging is different from cleansing. By charging your crystals you provide them with additional energy that enables them to more effectively ward off negative energy, reducing the need for frequent cleansings. Also, your crystal or other energetic stones should be infused with your intention, and charging the stone on your personalized Selenite Cleansing Disc can intensify the intention of the stone enabling it to work more vigorously on your behalf.
  • Enhance your decor - In addition to being ideal tools for cleansing and charging other energetic stones and providing a nexus for the creation of protective fields throughout the house, the Selenite Cleansing Disc is simply a beautiful thing to behold. As such, it can be used as an effective decorative highlight which, in a very real sense, enhances even further its positive, generative functionality. If your home embraces clean, minimalist design the Selenite Disc will be the perfect aesthetic accent.

A Personalized Selenite Cleansing Disc Makes the Ideal Gift

If you are having difficulty trying to find something for the enlightened individual on your gift list consider the engraved Selenite Cleansing Disc from Paykoc Imports. It makes the ideal:

  • Housewarming Gift - When moving into a new home it’s important to cleanse and reset the energy within. Traces of negative energy can remain in a home for years. Even a brand new home may be harboring negative energies soaked up from construction workers, potential buyers who visited the home before you, movers and others. The Selenite Cleansing Disc can help you restore harmony to the energy in your new home so your relationship with the home can get off on the right foot.
  • Baby Gift - Selenite’s ability to absorb negative energy is never more appreciated than when it comes to creating a harmonious environment for new family members. It’s vital that young ones begin their life journey enveloped by positive energy and domestic harmony. This will play a central role in calibrating their overall outlook on life. By presenting the new baby with a personalized Selenite Cleansing Disc you are helping to ensure their long-term wellbeing.
  • Birthday Gift - The birthday gift should embody your best wishes for the recipient, and there is no better way to do that than with a custom Selenite Cleansing Disc. The disc will help them establish or bolster a protective aura in their home, cleanse their other crystals to get more from them and to provide a timeless aesthetic counterpoint for other aspects of their decor. Everything about the Selenite Cleansing Disc says you care about the recipient’s health and happiness.
  • Conclusion

    The personalized Selenite Cleansing Disc from Paykoc Imports is the gift that literally “keeps on giving”. Each and every day it gives off positive, regenerative energy, wards off negativity, helps create protective fields within the home and lets you get more from your other energetic crystals. Contact the folks at Paykoc today to learn more about the process of customizing a Selenite Cleansing Disc.