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Customized Heavy Glass 24oz Beer Stein from Paykoc Imports

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,9th Dec 2020
Customized Heavy Glass 24oz Beer Stein from Paykoc Imports

The heavy glass 24oz beer stein has a long and proud lineage, dating back some 700 years, possibly even longer. The word “stein” has German origins and is believed to derive either from “stein krug”, meaning “stone jug” or from “steingut”, which is more of an all-purpose term used to reference stoneware in general. While steins were indeed originally earthenware drinking vessels, by the 16th-century pewter became the dominant material. For purposes of public health, pewter steins adopted the flip-top lids that would become a trademark. By the 18th century, glass steins had become popular across Europe and many of them also included pewter flip-tops. Today, the personalized heavy glass 24oz beer stein is one of our most popular products.

The Personalized Heavy Glass Beer Stein: A Timeless Gift

The pewter lid that was a characteristic of the beer stein for several centuries represented an attempt to control the spread of the plague. Considering a third of all Europeans died during the Black Death of the 14th century, and that smaller plague outbreaks continued to hammer Europe throughout the Late Middle Ages and into the 19th century, the flip-top lid was an understandable addition to stein design.

But beyond their public health role, steins, whether pewter or glass, have historically been engraved with religious, natural, militaristic or sporting imagery and text. (The same can be said for porcelain steins, although their iconography was painted on and baked in rather than being engraved.) Europeans who could afford to often engraved important dates, such as anniversaries and birthdays, on to the lid or body of their steins. Today, the engraved heavy glass beer stein from Paykoc is the rightful heir to this proud tradition and a timeless gift that will make a lasting impression on the recipient.

Versatile Custom Heavy Glass 24oz Beer Stein from Paykoc

The custom heavy glass beer stein from Paykoc has versatility that extends beyond the confines of gift-giving. Although it is a versatile and thoughtful gift as well. Here are just some of the ways our customers put these timeless tankards to work in their lives.

To enhance brand recognition - Whether you own a bar, tavern or restaurant making an indelible impression on your customers is vital if you are to secure repeat business. But it has to be the right kind of impression. Certainly, atmosphere is important, as is the quality of food and drink. But just as important is branding. The trick is to reinforce your brand without being obnoxious about it. The engraved heavy glass 24oz beer stein from Paykoc is the answer. It’s a subtle but unforgettable way to bolster brand awareness with a long-term ROI that is bound to be impressive.

As the ultimate holiday gift - If you’re like most folks you probably have one or more people on your holiday gift list that are notoriously difficult to buy for. However, if one of them is a beer lover there are few gifts that will cause their eyes to light up quite like a heavy glass 24oz beer stein from Paykoc with their name engraved on it. The custom 24oz beer stein is both stout and delicate, practical and ornamental, timeless and timely. It has a manly feel to it that's impossible to ignore, represents the best of the glass maker's craft, and can be engraved with whatever imagery or text you think will speak to the recipient.

As a corporate giveaway - Many of us have been to trade shows where companies, desperate to leave an impression, give away everything from calendars to branded pens to cheap baseball caps. Most of these items wind up in the bottom of our desk drawers, or gathering dust on the workbench in the garage. If you really want to make an impression at the next trade show you attend, raffle off some 24oz glass beer steins with your company name and/or product tastefully engraved on them. This is one giveaway recipients won’t be stowing away in a box in the basement.

As a way to spread the word about your microbrew - In your parent's day, there were only a handful of regional breweries operating in the US. That all changed in the 1990s as the idea of craft beers spread like wildfire across the cultural landscape. Today, there are some 8,300 registered craft breweries active in the US, an increase of nearly 1,000 since 2018 alone. And while this signals a kind of golden age for lovers of microbrews, it also signals potential problems for craft breweries when it comes to trying to stand out from the crowd. Custom engraved glass steins from Paykoc Imports are the ideal way to spread the good word about your best-of-all craft breweries. So before you head to your next beer festival, make sure you order a bunch of custom heavy glass 24oz beer steins to take with you.

Peerless Laser Engraving

The professionals at Paykoc Imports that engrave your heavy glass tankards are some of the most talented and experienced you’ll find anywhere. They get the most out of our state-of-the-art laser engravers and produce a final product that will enhance your bar, tavern, or lifestyle for years to come. Every one of our custom engraved items is a keepsake whose value far exceeds its price and we get as much joy out of creating them as you will receiving them. To learn more contact us at (888) 657-2881. Or email us at: