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​Customized Leak-Proof Copper Water Bottles

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,12th Jun 2019
​Customized Leak-Proof Copper Water Bottles

Copper has been part of the human story since the dawn of civilization. Nearly 10,000 years ago our ancestors were taking pieces of raw copper they found and hammering them with stone tools into arrow and spear heads. About the same time copper was first used as a decorative material to make pendants and other jewelry. About 6,000 years ago man first learned to process copper by melting it down and fashioning it into cups and other useful items. Today, copper mugs are still hugely popular and can be found in homes and restaurants the world over. So too are copper flasks and copper water bottles. Custom copper water bottles from Paykoc make an ideal gift for any number of occasions. They’re beautiful, compelling, practical and attain heirloom status almost the minute they’re engraved.
Unforgettable Personalized Copper Water Bottles from Paykoc

Customized copper water bottles are the kind of gift that says you care enough to put some thought and effort into your gift giving. Whether or not the recipient ever even uses it is almost irrelevant because half of its immense worth is its value as a commemorative item to be proudly displayed. The following are just some of the occasions for which personalized copper water bottles are a great gift idea:

  • Weddings - A wedding is the perfect opportunity to give a commemorative gift marking the big day. And a customized copper water bottle is the perfect choice. It’s sure to assume pride of place in the happy couple’s home for years to come.
  • Birthdays - Have the recipient’s name and birthdate engraved on their water bottle along with a birthday wish or any other type of felicitation you wish.
  • Graduations - Another occasion that is traditionally commemorated in numerous ways. A personalized copper water bottle will be a constant reminder of the recipient’s amazing accomplishment.
  • On the eve of a big trip - If someone you know is heading off on a big adventure give them a going away present engraved to mark the occasion with relevant details such as “Europe 2019 Antwerp to Athens”. They can use the bottle to stay properly hydrated during their travels or just keep it as a memento.
  • Product launches - Customized copper water bottles make great promotional giveaways at trade shows and product launches. Raffle them off or give them away with orders of a certain size.
  • Essentially, any occasion that is traditionally marked as a milestone in someone’s life is the ideal opportunity to present them with a stunning customized copper water bottle from Paykoc.

    How it’s Done

    We get calls all the time from folks wanting to know how they can obtain one or more of our beautiful engraved copper items such as our leak-proof copper water bottles. The process is actually pretty straightforward and entails a few simple steps.

    • Step 1: Choose the style and quantity of copper water bottle - We have several in stock. In order for the engraving process to work properly however, it will need to be a copper bottle with a smooth finish.
    • Step 2: Choose the type of engraving - We offer personalized engraving of any text you wish or any graphic. Or both.
    • Step 3: Submit your artwork to us - Our engravers require Adobe Illustrator or PDF files or a high resolution jpg file to work from. If you are uncertain whether your image is adequate email a copy to us.
    • Step 4: Proof confirmation - We send you a proof of what the finished product will look like. You either approve or return it with your feedback. Once the design is set, proceed to the next step.
    • Step 5: Deposit/Payment - Once the proof is approved we will require payment in order to proceed. Copper engraving is a meticulous process and we are unable to proceed until we have received payment.
    • Step 6: Delivery - After receiving payment we set to work immediately creating your customized copper water bottle or bottles. In most cases work will be completed quickly and you can expect to receive the finished product within 2 weeks of payment confirmation.

    Some Dos and Don’ts When it Comes to Copper

    Like copper mugs, copper water bottles are beautiful and timeless objects that will be with you throughout your life. But they do require proper care and handling in order to ensure they always look their best.

    • Cleaning - Left to its own devices copper will develop a greenish patina that looks great on the exterior of homes and historic buildings but isn’t going to look so great on your copper water bottle. You can use natural solutions like vinegar and salt, lemon juice and baking soda or even ketchup to clean a customized copper water bottle. Ketchup does a great job because it contains both vinegar and salt and it’s highly acidic.
    • Storage - Make sure your customized copper water bottle is kept in a dry place in order to stave off oxidation and the development of the aforementioned patina. Any time the bottle is used to hold water, Moscow Mule cocktails, lemonade or any other beverage make sure you wash it out afterward using a mild soap and a bottle brush. Dry it as best you can by hand and then leave the cap off until you’re sure the inside is bone dry.

    The Bottom Line

    Personalized copper water bottles from Paykoc Imports make the ideal commemorative gift for most every occasion. Give us a call today to learn more about these amazing drinking vessels and to get the ball rolling on your order.