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Customized Mint Julep Cups from Paykoc Imports

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,9th Jan 2019
Customized Mint Julep Cups from Paykoc Imports

The Mint Julep was born in the South where it still enjoys something akin to “national drink” status. But while there are several different ways to concoct a Mint Julep there is only one universally recognized way to serve one. The Mint Julep cup has clean classical lines and only the most minimal degree of embellishment. It’s fashioned from stainless steel, copper or pewter, may or may not be nickel-plated and tapers gently from top to bottom. In addition, it has no handle and a base that gives it intense stability. Custom mint julep cups are the kind of drinking vessel one could imagine ancient Roman aristocrats drinking from. Which is probably why they emerged from the Old South, where the classical influence of Roman culture was strong.

The Many Faces of Customized Mint Julep Cups

At Paykoc Imports we offer a full line of beautiful mint julep cups. They’re some of our most popular items and it’s no wonder why. They have a presence few other drinking vessels of any kind and any material can match. And when customized to your specific needs they provide the kind of timeless keepsake that will be in the family for generations. Customizing our breathtaking stainless steel, copper or nickel-plated mint julep cups can be done in any number of ways.

  • Personalize with a monogram - Having our skilled artisans laser engrave your mint julep cups with your monogram is a great way to provide your home bar or kitchen table with an upscale air. Personalized mint julep cups say you have arrived, that you have taste and that you value the finer things. Your monogram can take on any of countless different characteristics from plain and unadorned to exhibiting endless flourishes worthy of John Hancock himself. If you have other items in the house emblazoned with your monogram this is a great way to create thematic unity.
  • Mark an important date - Custom engraved mint julep cups are the perfect way to mark an important date such as an anniversary, birthday or the day you moved into your dream house. Why should it be that the only way we mark a big day is with a party or a night out? Have your big day engraved forever into a beautiful mint julep cup and keep it close at hand.
  • Acknowledge a milestone - Personalized mint julep cups make a peerless keepsake that can be used to mark an important milestone in life. Graduating from college, achieving a doctorate, getting married, the birth of a child or attaining an important promotion are all occurrences that deserve to be commemorated. And custom mint julep cups from Paykoc are one of the best ways to do so. Engraving your big date on one of our stainless steel or copper mint julep cups will forever create a tasteful reminder of your important milestone.
  • Use as promotional items - Do you know why companies give out everything from promotional T-shirts to Frisbees, pens, calendars and scratch pads with their company name and logo on them? Because it’s one of the most cost effective ways to promote a company that has ever been invented. That’s why. Every time the recipient uses an item emblazoned with your company or product name it’s free brand reinforcement. And if they use that item at work or serve drinks to their friends and relatives with it your brand becomes imprinted in ever-so-subtle ways on grey matter of all who encounter it. Custom engraved mint julep cups from Paykoc are the ideal way to spread the word about your company or product. Give a few away at the next convention and watch people scramble over to your booth to inquire how they can get one for themselves.
  • Show your team spirit - Sports fanatics love to wear their allegiance on their sleeve, on their walls, on their shirts and jackets and on their beer cozies as well. So why not on their mint julep cups? Have the name and logo of your favorite team engraved on some of our nickel-plated mint julep cups and bring some serious cred to your basement sports bar and entertainment center. Be it professional or college football, basketball, baseball, hockey or any other sport custom engraved mint julep cups are the best way to proclaim just whose side you’re on.
  • Sell them in your souvenir shop - Souvenir shop owners know that engraved mementos are big sellers. Purchase wholesale mint julep cups from Paykoc and have them engraved with your city’s name, the name of an important landmark, an important historical occurrence and date, notable figures that hailed from your fair city or anything else that makes your city or town one that people want to visit. Mint julep cups have a classic air about them that makes them perfect for commemorating historical occurrences, places and personalities. Stock up your souvenir shop with wholesale, engraved mint julep cups from Paykoc and the challenge will be keeping enough on hand to meet the demand.

The Bottom Line

Custom mint julep cups are not only the perfect vessel for serving the South’s favorite cocktail on Kentucky Derby Day they’re also one of the best ways yet devised to commemorate a big promotion, mark the birth of a child, celebrate your allegiance to your favorite team or engage visitors to your souvenir shop. Custom mint julep cups are more than just a way to serve drinks, they’re a way to celebrate life.