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​Customized Solid Copper Shot Glasses from Paykoc

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,22nd Dec 2019
​Customized Solid Copper Shot Glasses from Paykoc

The history of the shot glass is the history of distilled spirits. Or is it? History tells us the first shot glasses didn’t appear until the 17th or 18th century when distilled spirits first became widely available. But in that case historians are talking about the shot glass. But there’s another type of shot dispenser that can trace its various components back much, much further. One that combines the all-hands-on-deck appeal of the standard shot glass with ancient materials and an ancient design that’s as old as civilization itself: the solid copper shot glass. If you’re a student of history, a lover of fine spirits or just someone who appreciates fine craftsmanship having a custom solid copper shot glass at your disposal is a must.

Custom Solid Copper Shot Glass

Solid Copper Shot Glasses from Paykoc are a unique product that take the profile of the much loved Moscow Mule Mug and compress it down to the size of a standard shot glass. Rather than grasping the micro-vessel by its sides as you would a regular shot glass here you have a sturdy, beautifully crafted handle to grab hold of.

That handle expands the useful possibilities of the copper shot glass. Meaning you can use it to enjoy your favorite spirit or you can use it to dispense red hot shots of espresso. Or, if you had too many shots of your favorite spirits the night before, you can use it to dispense a “Prairie Oyster” to set things right. (A Prairie Oyster is intended to cure hangovers. It’s made with a shot of brandy, a dash of Worcestershire sauce and a dash of Tabasco and then chased with a raw egg. Yum!)

Engraving Solid Copper Shot Glasses

We don’t know about you but that Prairie Oyster has our taste buds buzzing with anticipation. That aside though, just imagine scarfing one of those - or a shot of your favorite espresso - from a beautiful copper shot glass emblazoned with your name, family crest or whatever else you think appropriate. Our engravers are the best in the business and can cleanly and accurately festoon your copper shot glass with whatever text, graphic touches or imagery will fit on it. But what exactly should you put on it?

Ideas for Customized Copper Shot Glasses

The collective imagination of the Paykoc design team never sleeps. So when we asked them to provide some ideas regarding how to customize solid copper shot glasses they didn’t hesitate. Here are some of their favorite ideas. Keep in mind all these work whether the solid copper customized shot glass is for you or you’re buying it for someone else.

  • Your name - Okay, something of a no-brainer, but we had to get it out of the way. Having your name - or the name of the recipient - etched into one of these beautiful copper shot glasses makes for an item no one is likely to forget.
  • The name and date of an important occasion - Have the name and date of an important occasion etched into the side of one of these micro-mugs to create an instant keepsake. Whether that is a birthday, graduation day, retirement day, wedding day or anything else.
  • A favorite drink recipe or spirit - Have the personalized solid copper shot glass emblazoned with the recipient’s favorite drink recipe. (We’d recommend the Prairie Oyster just so that you don’t forget it on tough mornings.) If that’s too long-winded for yourself or the recipient then just use the name of their favorite spirit.
  • A meaningful image - Hey, who says you need to make it all about words and letters? Try an enigmatic pattern, or a family crest, or a meaningful image. That might be a favorite vacation spot or a favorite bird or a meaningful symbol, such as a favorite sports team’s logo or even a company logo.
  • Words to live by - Try etching some words of wisdom into the side of the custom solid copper shot glass. Customer favorites include: “You should see the other guy”, “Anyone get the license number?”, “There’s no such thing as bad whiskey, only bad drunks”, or this oldie but goodie: “In the morning I’ll be sober. But you’ll still be ugly.”
  • The above are just some of the ways you can personalize one of our Paykoc copper shot glasses. In truth the possibilities are virtually endless. If you’d like to see something put on a personalized solid copper shot glass that isn’t on our list just tell a member of our sales team. Odds are it’s no problem for our master engravers.

The Bottom Line

The custom solid copper shot glass from Paykoc Imports is an evocative little number that packs an impressive visual punch. It’s endowed with even more gravitas when it’s personalized with a name, date, important image or compelling graphic by our in-house team of engravers. With the holidays approaching you’re bound to have one or two people on your list who would really appreciate such an unexpected trinket. Watch their eyes light up when they unwrap it on Christmas Day.

Talk to a member of our courteous and helpful sales staff about creating a customized copper shot glass for someone special. Or have a dozen made up for the restauranteur or tavern owner on your list. They’re sure to be an instant hit with customers. Call us today at (888) 657-2881 or stop by our store on Logan Court in Denver to learn more and place your order.