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DIY Wind Chimes: Creative Ideas for Making Your Own

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,14th Feb 2024
DIY Wind Chimes: Creative Ideas for Making Your Own

Who doesn’t love wind chimes? They add mystery and beauty to warm summer evenings while enhancing the atmosphere around your porch, garden, pool area, or deck. Wind chimes touch something primal in our nature and serve as a conduit to simpler times and simpler pleasures. You can purchase beautiful, evocative metal wind chimes from Paykoc, or you can make your own. Or better yet, mix and match our timeless wind chimes with customized ones of your own making. To help you along in that regard we’ve compiled the following list of ideas for making your own DIY wind chimes.

Simple and Compelling DIY Wind Chime Ideas

The beauty of DIY wind chimes is that you can create them yourself or you can enlist the kids to help. In either case, here are some of our favorite DIY wind chime ideas.

The seashell wind chime

If you’re one of the millions who likes to collect shells at the beach why not put some of them to use as wind chime elements? It’s easy. All you’ll need is a dozen or so shells, a way to make holes in them, and string to go through the holes and tie them together.

The child’s toy wind chime

The ideal child’s toy in this case is an old xylophone. You can remove the slats (which should already have pre-cut holes in them) and suspend them from an X shape created using the wooden parts of the xylophone. The result is wind chime bliss.

The Monopoly wind chime

If yours is like most families you have an old Monopoly game collecting dust in the attic. The standard board came with 8 metallic pieces. These can be hung from a platform to create delightfully subtle wind chime notes. Or you can dangle them among the xylophone slats to create DIY metal wind chimes for the ages.

The sea glass wind chime

Glass deposited into the ocean can never be considered a good thing. But subject glass refuses to 30 or 40 years of tumbling about in the surf and the result is sea glass. Avid shell collectors no doubt have some of this at home and it can be used to create a very compelling wind chime.

The vintage key wind chime

If you have old latch-type keys lying around in the basement or attic, dig them out to create one of the most interesting iron wind chimes imaginable. If you don’t have enough vintage keys, mix them with their shorter contemporary cousins. You can paint the keys if you wish, but keep in mind that painting them is bound to buffer the sound they make.

The metal can wind chime

Of all DIY metal wind chimes this might be our favorite. Take a metal can, remove the label, and clean it thoroughly. Punch a hole in the bottom to run some cord through. Create a knot in the cord that will prevent the can from falling to the ground and extend the cord almost to the bottom of the upside-down can. At the end of the cord tie on a metal bead or other metallic object. When the wind blows the bead will tap the inside of the can creating a bell-like effect.

The silverware wind chime

If you have old, unmatched pieces of silverware around the house suspend them from a wooden base to create a simple and evocative wind chime.


Final Thoughts on DIY Metal Wind Chimes

Seashells, sea glass, metal, and iron wind chimes are the perfect way to create a greater sense of integration between your home and the natural environment. They can be personalized to your heart’s content and when complemented by Paykoc, wind chimes will create a sense of mystery and wonder where before there was none. Peruse our online store to see our entire selection of wind chimes as well as laser-engraved copper cups and much, much more.