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​Engraved Wine Glasses Make Great Corporate Gifts

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,16th Mar 2020
​Engraved Wine Glasses Make Great Corporate Gifts

Whether you are running a small, local business or a large multinational with offices across the globe, personalized wine glasses are a great choice of corporate gift for valued customers and prospective clients alike. Tastefully decorated with your corporate logo and name, they are guaranteed to make a lasting impression and, unlike many corporate gifts, be genuinely appreciated. If you know your customers prefer a cold beer to a glass of wine you can, of course, choose to present them with a personalized beer stein instead. Alternatively, if they are partial to a bourbon every now and then, presenting them with a set of our shot glasses engraved with your corporate logo would be the perfect way to show them how much you appreciate their custom.

In this article, we are going to focus on how you can use custom wine glasses to promote your company and show your appreciation to your loyal customers - but you can substitute any kind of glassware if you think it would be more appropriate for your company.

What Makes Engraved Wine Glasses a Good Choice?

You could present your customers with a pen, an executive toy, a sports bag or an umbrella emblazoned with your corporate logo so why should you consider using wine glasses as corporate giveaways this year?

  • Genuinely Useful – So many corporate gifts are chosen by companies to give away simply because they are easily available, affordable and have been used as giveaways for decades. The problem is, most of the umbrellas, pens and baseball caps that customers are presented with every year end up gathering dust in a closet for years before eventually being thrown away. Beautifully engraved wine glasses, on the other hand, will be genuinely appreciated and are likely to be used on a regular basis.
  • Very Affordable – While not as cheap as a throwaway plastic pen, Paykoc Imports' wine glasses are very affordable so they won’t put a huge dent in your corporate marketing budget. If you are ordering in large quantities you may qualify for our wholesale pricing, which will make them an even better value proposition.
  • Your Customers Will Feel Truly Valued – Quality wine glasses, tastefully engraved with your corporate logo and name, will make a much better impression on your customers than a cheap baseball cap or pen that they have no use for. If you like, you can even include a short message of appreciation as part of the engraving.
  • Your Company Name Will Be on Display on a Regular Basis – Every time the recipients of your engraved wine glasses take them out to use at the dinner table, they will be reminded of your company and what it does for them. If you are looking for corporate gifts that will help to ensure your clients never forget your organization or why they choose to do business with you, our wine glasses are an excellent choice.
  • The Perfect Size – Our 12 oz wine glasses are the perfect size, giving all types of wine space to breathe without being so big that they are cumbersome to hold.
  • Multi-Purpose – In addition to using them as gifts for valued customers, you can order extra wine glasses and use them at corporate functions and events throughout the year. Personalized wine glasses will add a touch of class to any corporate dinner or reception. If your company has an important anniversary coming up, you can mark the occasion by presenting all of your guests with an engraved glass as they leave.

What to Put on Your Custom Wine Glasses

You are free to choose any design or wording that you desire but we find that keeping it simple is a good idea when etching or engraving wine glasses. If you use a long slogan or message, the end result may look a little fussy: your company name and a striking logo is a great choice for most purposes. Other suggestions you may like to consider include:

  • A Personal Message – Something simple, thanking the recipient for their custom or reminding them they are a valued client is a popular choice for corporate gifts to customers who have remained loyal for many years.
  • The Dates of a Corporate Milestone – If you are celebrating 25 or 50 years in business, a message to that effect, with the dates prominently displayed, would be a great option for personalized wine glasses that you intend to present to customers and business partners.
  • Company Name and Slogan – If you have a short corporate slogan that sums up your business goal or the unique selling proposition that makes your products and services the best, you can have this etched on your wine glasses to remind your customers why they do business with you.
  • A Popular Brand Name – If your company is associated with a well-known brand, you may prefer to use the brand name rather than your corporate name to decorate your glasses.
  • Engraved Wine Glasses for the Hospitality Industry

    As well as making great corporate gifts, custom wine glasses can be used by hotels, restaurants and other businesses in the hospitality industry to provide more effective branding in bars, dining rooms and cafes. If you would like to place a large order for wine glasses to use in such venues, please feel free to call or email us and we will be pleased to prepare a competitive quotation.