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Mosaic Lamps: the Finishing Touch on any Decor

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,22nd Sep 2016
Mosaic Lamps: the Finishing Touch on any Decor

The mosaic lamp can trace its roots back through centuries of the Turkish handicraft tradition. Beautifully considered and meticulously hand-crafted these lamps have been gracing the drawing rooms, dining rooms, kitchens and foyers of homes noble and humble since the days of Byzantium and are just as valuable a decor commodity today as they have ever been. In a sense they’ve become a kind of building material - akin to hardwood floors or marble countertops - that homeowners introduce in order to add a timeless component to a room. In this post we’re going to take a look at how the mosaic lamp can be utilized to put the perfect finishing touch on any interior decoration scheme.

Matching the Lamp with the Decor

Not every lamp style will be appropriate for every room or application so it’s important to have some idea which type of lamp will work best in a given environment. Here are a few general rules of thumb that should help you select the lamp or lamps that will best complement the setting.

  • Arrangement: Turkish mosaic lamps can be such an eye catching presence that they can easily overwhelm more mundane aspect of the decor. What you need to strive for is visual balance. One of the best ways to achieve this is by introducing a pair of lamps that, for instance, bracket the ends of a sofa. This way the eye won’t be drawn to one particular spot. Be mindful of the pattern of the lampshade and strive to find one that echoes similar colors and shapes in the surroundings. Make sure you locate any table lamps at eye level and don’t be afraid to place it so that sunlight streaming in during the day catches the beautifully colored glass.
  • Design Integration:Turkish crafts are renowned for the intricacy of their pattern work and few products of the Turkish handicraft tradition are a better example of this then mosaic lamp shades. You should make careful note of the patterns in your room’s wallpaper, upholstery, tabletops and throw rugs before deciding which mosaic lamp is right for a particular setting. If the room is wanting for patterns and colors for the lamp to work off of try introducing complementary artwork; either hanging or sculptural pieces.
  • The Right Furniture: There’s a mosaic lamp for practically any type of furniture under the sun but there are a few things to consider when matching the two things up. For instance; mosaic lamps will always work well with natural materials. Wood that displays a warm tone and has visible grain tends to work well with mosaic lamps that have more naturalistic patterning. For more contemporary furniture a lamp with a simpler, geometric pattern and subdued color scheme can be a perfect counterpoint and serve to activate the entire room. Pendants with the same type of geometric patterns and subdued colors will look amazing over a granite countertop in a minimalist kitchen.
  • Don’t Forget to Accessorize: Introducing complementary artwork as mentioned above is one way to accessorize your new mosaic lamp or lamps but it’s far from the only way. Candleholders, vases, flowers, windup clocks, throw rugs and more can all be employed to create visual continuity and establish a particular mood. If you have any pieces of art that utilize glass you can place them in such a way as to work off of the lamp shade. Bronze sculptures can also be used to echo the tones and finish in the base of the lamp.
  • And Whatever You Do Don’t Forget Floor Lamps: A mosaic floor lamp can be the ultimate anchor for a library, living room, home office or foyer. The mosaic floor lamp adds the same sturdy, timeless quality to a space as table lamps and is the perfect accompaniment to a recliner, home work desk, marble top table or art nouveau sideboard. Place a floor lamp inside the front door and watch the reaction of your guests.

Mosaic lamps are one of today’s most versatile interior decoration components. They bring beauty and authenticity to any setting and like all Turkish crafts, they’ll retain their value and ability to impress for many years to come. If you’re in need of a finishing touch for your decor you can do no better than handcrafted Turkish mosaic lamps. The choice of discerning homeowners.

Turkish mosaic lamps are the perfect complement to virtually any interior decoration scheme and Paykoc Imports is proud to carry a full line of these beautiful, evocative, timeless and affordable lamps. Browse through our extensive online collection of sconces, floor lamps, table lamps, pendants and chandeliers. We’re confident you’ll find one that will add just the right touch to your decor. If you’d like to see these timeless creations in person before making up your mind stop by our Denver retail outlet.

For more information on how to add your mosaic lamp into your home check out our integration guide