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Nimet Porcelain: From Manufacturer to Tabletop

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,29th Sep 2016
Nimet Porcelain: From Manufacturer to Tabletop

The Turkish ceramic tradition dates back to the days of 8th and 9th century Anatolia, continues on an unbroken path through the Byzantine and Ottoman Empires and has gained renewed appreciation as an integral part of the cultural heritage of modern-day Turkey. For centuries, this traditional handicraft was the exclusive domain of men. That hegemony was finally broken with the advent of Nimet Varli - a woman of extraordinary talent, drive and determination. Nimet has almost single-handedly pulled this ancient craft into the 21st century with her dazzling designs that respectfully evoke history while pointing the way toward the future.

Nimet Porcelain: The Art of Ceramic Expression

The Nimet line of porcelain is the product of 2002 Turkish Artist of the Year, Nimet Varli. After receiving her degree in chemistry, Ms. Varli reset her sights on her first love, ceramics. While the prospect of getting recognition for her work within the confines of a handicraft tradition monopolized for centuries by men was a daunting one, Nimet has never been one to wilt from a challenge. Within only a few years of setting up her shop she was being rightfully hailed for injecting new life into what had become a rather staid iconographic language and showing the way for the generations of Turkish potters that will follow in her footsteps.

Extraordinary care is key to the realization of Nimet’s vision and as a trained chemist she is well aware of the necessity of ensuring the integrity of her creative process. Nothing that could compromise the quality of the finished product is ever allowed to interfere with the process which encompasses the following steps:

  • The Materials: Nimet uses fine white river clay as the base material for her stunning porcelain creations. While most other Turkish pottery is made from the more common red clay Nimet prefers the superior chemical structure and purity of white river clay. White clay has a more malleable nature that appeals to those, like Nimet, who strive for elegance in their final product. It’s just one of the details that helps set Nimet porcelain apart from the competition.

  • The Imagery: The imagery employed by Nimet pottery is rooted in the rich artistic traditions of Asia Minor, yet her unique vision allows her to use traditional motifs as a jumping off point as much as an end unto themselves. By extending the visual motifs of the Anatolian, Byzantine and Ottoman workshops of the past and informing them with her own bold colors and intricate, one-of-a-kind designs, Varli expands the language and adds her own voice to the pantheon of artists who can be considered cultural touchstones.
  • The Artistry: Each one of Nimet’s pieces are handdrawn and painted by her dedicated stable of highly trained artisans. No piece is allowed out of her workshop without being personally inspected and approved by Nimet. While this may seem like an extraordinary burden to impose on herself she insists it is the only way to insure the level of quality she demands.
  • The Process: Each piece of Nimet porcelain is fired twice at a temperature of 1200° C. This double firing ensures the highest quality, most lustrous finish and maximum durability of each piece. After a piece has cooled and been emblazoned with Nimet’s unique visual iconography (as described above) and been personally signed by Nimet an enamel coating is applied to protect the artwork and the piece is fired for an additional 8 hours, after which it emerges ready to add beauty and elegance to your home.
  • Direct Trade: Direct trade as a business model sprang from the coffee growing industry but has been adopted by Nimet as a way to ensure both quality and fair pricing for her astonishing product. Because her artisans are not being forced to meet outrageous production quotas driven by unfair pricing they are able to concentrate on the quality of the finished product and everyone who has ever or will ever purchase a piece of Nimet porcelain benefits as a result. Nimet’s direct trade model is being used as an example for others in various handicraft traditions to follow in order to preserve the long-term integrity of their work.

At Paykoc Imports, we’re honored to be able to offer the exquisite porcelain creations of such an important and groundbreaking artist. Browse our extensive online gallery of Turkish bowls, Turkish plates, dishes, serving plates and more and discover for yourself the unique vision and peerless handmade quality of her work. Nimet porcelain is more than just another pretty plate; it’s the legitimate, direct heir to the Turkish ceramics tradition that dates back more than 1,000 years.


And don’t forget; if you’re in the Denver area and would like to have an up close and personal look at Nimet’s incredible creations you can stop by our showroom on Logan Court.