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Nimet Porcelain: Where It Comes From and How It's Made

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,21st Dec 2015
Nimet Porcelain: Where It Comes From and How It's Made

Updated on August 30th, 2023

Paykoc Imports is proud to showcase the ceramic works of Nimet Varli. Nimet was the first woman to professionally produce ceramics in Kutahya, Turkey where the tradition of ceramics and pottery holds great cultural and historical significance. She was awarded Istanbul's Artist of the Year in 2002.

As a former chemist, Varli has a great understanding of the process of selecting the best quality raw materials, finding ways to produce the most vibrant colors, and finishing the pieces so their beauty will not fade. It all starts with white river clay found in the region which is much more refined than red clay. Using this clay allows for very fine line work, thinner and stronger pieces, and an excellent canvas for the incredible color and designs produced in the Nimet workshop. Each piece is twice fired in a kiln reaching a maximum temperature of 1200ºC to prepare it for artwork. Each design is then hand drawn and painted by skilled hands. When the design is complete, Nimet approves and signs every piece herself. The last step is a final enamel coating to protect the paint and back to the kiln for another eight hours, sealing and hardening each piece so it’s ready for use in your home.

Nimet is a direct-trade company, making it a strong role model for both women’s rights and business fairness. Today Nimet employs about 25 men and women. The handmade and detailed nature of their work is balanced with short work days and lots of breaks. This approach to production not only keeps her staff focused on detail and artistry but also takes the element of hurry out of the process. The effect is easily seen in the quality of the finished products

Nimet’s work is rooted in imagery seen in Turkish creations since 16th century Ottoman Empire artistry, yet Varli's pieces have a bold and modern feel. In vibrant colors, you’ll find plum blossoms, tulips, grapes, carnations, rosettes, fish, and the occasional peacock.

All Nimet porcelain is made and painted by hand and is a true piece of art ready for both everyday use and display. The handmade nature of these pieces means there will be subtle differences in imagery and color. When browsing through our collection, some items are sold as one-of-a-kind pieces because they are so unique. When multiple quantities are presented for purchase, there will be subtle differences between the item photographed and the one you receive. We take great care to sort these items into similar groups, but the handmade artistry will mean that no two pieces are just the same. The primary color and theme will be consistent in the product you receive.

Assorted Selection of Nimet Porcelain

Among the different Nimet collections, you will find many sizes and styles of ceramics. Smaller sizes are great for jewelry, keys, and small knickknacks. These can make a great impact on areas like windowsills or nightstands without taking up too much room. Use these plates for fruit and snack presentations at your next party and brace yourself for all the compliments you will get. Whatever use they take on, your Nimet pottery will be an eye-catching, one-of-a-kind creation that brings some Turkish spice to your décor.

Any of the  Nimet products in our collection, no matter their size, will have a great impact as a gift. If you’re looking for something special this holiday season or any time of year, browse this category and you will find it. You might find a little something for yourself, as well.