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Selecting the Right Turkish Mosaic Table Lamp

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,20th Jun 2017
Selecting the Right Turkish Mosaic Table Lamp
Updated on July 26th 2023

Turkish mosaic lamps are renowned for their exquisite beauty, their peerless craftsmanship and their rich cultural heritage. They’re direct descendants of the Turkish crafts tradition and one of its most visible components today. Authentic mosaic lamps are still made by hand in the workshops of Asia Minor and we’re proud that Paykoc is one of the premier sellers of these kinds of Turkish crafts in the US. Our customers love the sense of timelessness mosaic lamps add to their decor whether that decor is in their house, office, restaurant, hotel or tavern. Today, we’re going to look at the things you should consider before purchasing a mosaic table lamp.

Turkish Mosaic Lamps: Making the Right Choice

Interior designers and decorators know that it’s the details that make a decor. While the big elements like color, style, theme and even pattern and texture are the broad strokes of the decor it’s the little things that bring it to life: the throw rugs, cushions, art objects and lamps. The Turkish mosaic lamp is a perfect example of a detail that can activate an entire room so you should have some idea what you’re looking for before you spend your hard earned money on one. Below are some of the most important considerations that go into choosing the right mosaic lamp.


Will the lamp serve a practical or aesthetic function? Is it going to be placed in the foyer to add a warm, welcoming accent to the space or do you want it next to your favorite comfy chair in the living room so you can read by it? The answer will go a long way toward determining the type of shade you’re after: dark, rich-hued segments or mostly clear or nearly clear.


Your lamp should be both aesthetically pleasing and act to physically balance out the elements around it. If you have a low table next to the sofa where you want to place a lamp that lamp should be fairly tall and if the table is tall that lamp should be fairly short. Balance. This goes for the lamp shade - or in the case of some pendant table lamps, shades - as well. You don’t want the volume of the shade to either overwhelm or be overwhelmed by neighboring elements.


Turkish mosaic lamps come in a variety of styles from ‘camel neck’ lamps with delicate curved supporting arms to pendants with one or more hanging shades each with a bulb inside and often deployed in a descending circular pattern. There are also standard models with a wide base, a circular enclosed glass mid-section and a pewter or bronze crown. Which you choose will depend on the surrounding shapes and volumes as well as the lamp’s function.

Details, Details

Make sure the lamp you purchase doesn’t make it too hard for you to change the bulbs or replace the shade (or shades). Also, with such an emphasis on energy efficiency today you’ll like want to use LED or CFL bulbs in you lamp. But not all lamps are set up to accept these kinds of bulbs. Make sure yours is before you purchase it. If you want to read by your lamp make sure you check the maximum allowable wattage as well.

Other lighting matters

The Turkish mosaic table lamp needs to become part of the overall lighting scheme, not an isolated element that seems like it was randomly selected. It’s important that it doesn’t clash with the other lights in the room including recessed lights, accent lights or chandeliers. All should work together to create a cohesive, effective lighting scheme.

That’s a lot to think about to be sure but by carefully considering all the various factors in play before you purchase your mosaic lamp you stand a much better chance of selecting one that will become an integral part of your decor, and not just a curiosity stored away in some dusty corner of the basement. At Paykoc we stock a full range of beautiful Turkish crafts including stunning mosaic lamps. Have a look around our online store or stop in to our Logan Court retail outlet in Denver to see them up close and personal.

For more information on how to add your mosaic lamp into your home check out our Turkish lamp integration guide.