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Infused Vodkas: The What, Why and How?

Infused Vodkas: The What, Why and How?

Posted by Paykoc Imports

Infused vodka is the hottest trend to hit the cocktail circuit since the Moscow Mule with its copper mugs. While it’s difficult to put an exact date on when this flavorful frenzy took off, it’s …

The Raspberry Moscow Mule: Taste the Summer All Year Round

To many, the Moscow Mule is the perfect cocktail; there’s a reason this classic drink has recently been making a comeback. That sublime combination of vodka, ginger beer, and lime served ice cold i …

The Best (and Worst) Moscow Mule Ingredients

Ginger beer. Vodka. Lime juice. Ice. Copper mug. Serve and drink! Making a Moscow Mule seems pretty simple. With just three main ingredients and a rustic presentation, the Moscow Mule is a favori …

A Look at the Vodka Distilling Process and a Guide to Choosing the Best One

From its beginnings in Poland and Russia over 1,000 years ago, vodka has become one of the most popular beverages in the world—and the alcohol of choice for drinkers who prefer to partake in the fr …