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The Best Moscow Mule Vodkas of 2023

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,14th Apr 2023
The Best Moscow Mule Vodkas of 2023

The Moscow Mule has been around for the better part of 80 years now, having been invented during a brainstorming session in the 1940s at the Cock ‘n Bull Tavern in Los Angeles by Smirnoff exec John Martin and the CnB’s owner John Morgan. With each passing year, the popularity of this cocktail increases with regional and holiday-based variations popping up in all corners of the globe. But while the Moscow Mule story is one that is constantly evolving a couple of elements remain stubbornly the same: you'll need to serve it in solid copper mugs and - although iconoclasts occasionally dabble in other spirits - vodka remains the foundational element of all real Mule cocktails. In this post, we'll look at the best Moscow Mule vodkas for 2023.

Custom Copper Mugs or Vodka: Which Is More Important for Your Mule?

If you’re looking to make Moscow Mules that will open the eyes of your guests and tickle their taste buds, is it more important that you use standard or customized copper mugs or vodka? In other words, if you had to swap out one of those two for something else which could you replace? The short answer is “neither”. The copper Moscow Mule mug is just as crucial to the finished product as is the vodka you choose. And like the mugs which come in a variety of styles, you also have a multitude of choices when it comes to the vodka you choose for your Mule. Below are our selections for the ten best with which to make your Moscow Mules.

Traditional Choice: Smirnoff Vodka

While you will find plenty of vodka aficionados who will take exception to the idea that Smirnoff Vodka is the best on the market it is nonetheless the choice of traditionalists since it was Smirnoff’s man on the ground in the US who co-invented the Moscow Mule. Using any other vodka just doesn’t seem right to some folks and we can see their point.

The Best Flavored Vodka: Belvedere Ginger Zest

If you’re going to try to bring something new and exciting to your Mule, don’t reach for tequila or rum, try a flavored vodka instead. You’ll be keeping with tradition while also expanding the drink’s boundaries. When it comes to flavor choices few will provide a more noteworthy interplay between the Mule’s light and dark, bright and sharp elements than Belvedere Ginger Zest.

The Best American Vodka: Prairie Organic Vodka

Prairie Organic Vodka is produced right here in the USA. It gets consistently high marks for its clean, smooth taste, the fact that it's made with certified organic corn (no GMOs) and that it's gluten-free, environmentally friendly and will hold its own against vodkas with much more lengthy and distinguished pedigrees. Pair this with your best engraved copper mugs and you’ll have a Moscow Mule to write home to the heartland about.

The Best American Vodka: Prairie Organic Vodka

When they hear the term "potato vodka" some people are skeptical. It's got to be some kind of marketing ruse, right? You can't make vodka from potatoes… can you? In fact, you can make vodka from any agricultural product containing sugar or starch. This potato vodka has a savory, nutty flavor that tilts the Moscow Mule experience toward something more subtle and earthy, while at the same time holding its own against the ginger beer. Definitely worth a try.

Best Default Choice: Stolichnaya Vodka

It is, after all, called a Moscow Mule, not a Des Moines Mule so if you are at a loss for which vodka to choose you can’t really lose with Stoli. While it’s now made next door in Latvia it’s still a solid, reputable brand that’s affordable, tasty and versatile. With its light citrus notes it bolsters the flavor of the lime and, let’s be real, few other vodkas on this list put the kick into a Moscow Mule like Stoli.

The Best Craft Vodka: South Fork Vodka

South Fork Vodka is a product of Northern California and has earned a reputation for its smoothness and drinkability. In its relatively short existence, it has won numerous awards including the 2021 USA Today Reader's Choice award as one of the nation's top ten vodkas. It utilizes a small batch finishing method, is 100% GMO and gluten-free and will activate the other ingredients in your Mule and turn each sip into a slow waltz across your tastebuds.

Honorable Mention: Grey Goose Vodka

A great all-around vodka that will balance all the components of a traditional Mule without insisting on itself too much. It’s a dependable choice that, unlike something a bit more challenging like Belvedere Ginger Zest, is bound to please a wide variety of folks with differing tastes. This makes it a solid choice for the holidays when you are entertaining young and old, relatives and friends, neighbors and strangers.

Now That You’ve Got the Vodka Make Sure You Get the Right Copper Mugs

Making sure you buy the best vodka for your Moscow Mules is crucial, but so is the other half of the equation: making sure you get the best mugs. Paykoc has an incredible variety of copper Mule mugs that can be enjoyed just as they are or fully customized (i.e. laser engraved) to your heart’s content. Our custom mugs also make great gift ideas. Buy them individually, in sets of 4, or get in touch with the team at Paykoc and ask about our wholesale copper mugs for your bar, restaurant, ski lodge or other establishment.