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Wholesale Bags and Backpacks from Paykoc

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,7th Dec 2019
Wholesale Bags and Backpacks from Paykoc

If you own an outdoor shop you know you can never have enough bags or backpacks. Hikers, students, working professionals and everyone in between needs a way to carry their equipment, books, folders, laptop, wallet, sunblock and more. Wholesale bags and backpacks from Paykoc provide you with a diverse selection. There’s something for everyone, ranging from our all-hemp Colorado backpack to an array of passport bags, messenger bags and fanny packs in all styles and colors. If you want to provide your customers with the variety they expect, stock bags and backpacks from Paykoc.

The Many Faces of Wholesale Bags and Backpacks from Paykoc

No one goes anywhere these days without a bag or backpack for their everyday carry (EDC). It’s one of the subtle signifiers of the age. The contemporary “everything all the time” lifestyle mandates that people of all ages and backgrounds never leave the house unprepared. And with more people than ever attending college, traveling and working on the fly the demand for backpacks and bags has never been greater. At Paykoc Imports we offer an array of bags and backpacks wholesale that will appeal to people from all walks of life, including:

  • Denim Patchwork Backpacks - These durable backpacks have a lively air about them that makes them perfect for students on the go. Colorful, handcrafted, lightweight and affordable they make the ideal vehicle for holding books, notepads, writing instruments and tablets. They feature robust stitching throughout, high quality catch-resistant zippers and padded shoulder straps. And let’s not forget the beautiful Colorado state flag emblem on the front pocket.
  • Cotton Passport Bags - The cotton passport bag is one of our best sellers and one look will tell you why. It features clean lines that make it ideal for school, work or just going out for a night on the town and an adjustable shoulder strap. This is a great looking bag with a smart design that slips over the shoulder and comes to rest at your side. It’s large enough to hold a tablet, travel documents, a wallet, makeup, sunblock and whatever else a person needs to enable their active lifestyle.
  • Faux Leather Fringe Bags - These attractive, well-made shoulder bags have a delightful edge to them that makes them the perfect accompaniment to a leather jacket, denim jacket or just your t-shirt and jeans. Our Faux Leather Fringe Bags cut an iconic American profile that’s both lively and highly functional. And they’re available in a range of compelling earth tones as well as classic black. A must have item for the active young woman.
  • Fanny Hip Packs - The fanny hip pack is a variation on the classic fanny pack. Only instead of hanging clumsily at your belt buckle this one slips comfortably into place at your side. As far as day bags go these are a big favorite among busy young men and women who use them to carry everything from their smartphone and tablet to EDC items like tactical flashlights and RFID wallets. Our Fanny Hip Packs are available in a range of colors, feature multiple zippered pockets and are built to last.
  • Southwest Embroidered Leather Medicine Pouch - Being based in Colorado at the foothills of the Rockies we’re fully invested in the whole Southwest design ethic. And nothing brings together all the different aspects of that design school quite like our Southwest Embroidered Leather Medicine Pouch. They’re crafted from genuine leather, feature high-quality zippers and buckles and have an embroidered patch on the flap that evokes a simpler time. A great bag for your everyday items including your smartphone, sunblock, blotting paper, card holder, energy bar and more. Your customers will be ready for SXSW or the NYC Subway with their Southwest Embroidered Leather Medicine Purse.
  • Cotton Ganesh Print Bag - Our Cotton Ganesh Print Bag is a mid-sized over the shoulder bag crafted from 100% cotton and featuring a large pocketed flap. It has numerous external and internal zippered pockets that secure valuables from busy hands whether you’re walking through Clignancourt Market on a Saturday afternoon or simply heading off to your job at the SEO company in LA or Seattle. Ganesh, of course, is the Hindu God of beginnings. Which makes this a great bag for young ladies just setting out to carve a place for themselves in the world.
  • Classic Cotton Backpack - Wholesale bags and backpacks don’t get more popular than our classic Cotton Backpack. It’s a big hit with the younger set who want lively designs, moderate size and flexibility in their backpack. It has a unique shoulder strap design that allows it to be carried over either one or both shoulders. There are plenty of pockets both inside and out and the no-stick zippers allow easy access in all conditions. This mid-sized bag is great for high school or college students and can double as a hiking backpack on weekend jaunts to the state park.

The Bottom Line

When it comes to purchasing bags and backpacks wholesale from Paykoc the bottom line is they’ll enhance your bottom line like few other items. Whether you own a leather goods store, an outdoor shop, a head shop or even a souvenir shop you’ll find our bags and backpacks to be an invaluable addition to your lineup. We go to great pains to stock only the highest-quality bags for our customers. And their popularity speaks for itself. If you’re looking for a way to ramp up sales look no further than wholesale bags and backpacks from Paykoc.