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​Wholesale Colorado Coffee Mugs from Paykoc

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,9th Nov 2019
​Wholesale Colorado Coffee Mugs from Paykoc

Coffee mugs are a staple of the souvenir business. Who, after all, doesn't have at least one souvenir mug in their home that they picked up as a memento of their travels? The big, bold outdoor atmosphere of The Rocky Mountain State makes it the perfect subject for our big, bold, high-quality ceramic coffee mugs. And these are sure to be a hit with your customers, whether they're in search of that perfect memento or they're sitting down to breakfast in your diner or B&B. Purchasing Colorado coffee mugs wholesale from Paykoc is the smart choice that will put your souvenir shop or eating establishment on the visitor map.

Wholesale Colorado Coffee Mugs: Styles

At Paykoc, we pride ourselves on covering all the bases. Whether you're interested in breathtaking Nimet porcelain, compelling copper Moscow Mule mugs, timeless Turkish mosaic lamps or handcrafted Meerschaum Pipes, we make sure we offer a variety of choices that will appeal to every taste. Our wholesale Colorado coffee mugs are no exception. Here is a sampling of our currently available styles:

  • Jumbo Reverse Print Coffee Mug - This one of a kind mug embraces that aspect of the Colorado geography that attracts millions of viewers and thousands of new residents every year: the Rockies. It features a beautiful reverse print profile of the Rockies rising majestically from the Colorado plateau. The simple yet compelling image seems to lift right off the surface of the cup in classic 3-D fashion. It’s an image that’s beautifully rendered in muted earth tones with the name “Colorado” extending around the bottom third of the cup in an antique font reminiscent of pioneer days.
  • Colorado Tri-Colored Coffee Mug - Life in Colorado is all about the great outdoors, and nothing drives home our relationship with mother earth like the rich earth hues of our Colorado Tri-Colored Coffee Mug. The mug is festooned with a beautifully rendered old fashioned print of a mountain stream with a mother bear and her cub sauntering through the shallows. This mug is certain to light a fire under nature lovers and be a big mover in your souvenir shop, or a big favorite in your diner, tavern or B&B.
  • Good Morning Colorado Coffee Mug - Coloradans are known for their friendly, welcoming nature, and nothing drives that point home better than our "Good Morning Colorado" coffee mug. This is a handsome tapered ceramic mug rendered in off-white with the greeting printed in large serif letters extending from one side of the handle all the way around to the other side. There's also the Colorado state flag in its distinctive blue, white, orange and yellow. And the mug has a slightly raised collar that helps minimize drips. Clean lines and a rich glaze complete the look of this timeless keepsake.
  • Colorado Black Bear Climbing Coffee Mug - There are an estimated 10,000 - 12,000 Black Bears in the Rocky Mountain State. This mug immortalizes their toughness, adaptability and, let's face it, their adorable (when viewed from a safe distance) nature by capturing a young black bear on its search for honey or maybe just adventure. Rendered in a rich, earthy green with the name "Colorado" on the inside lip and bear tracks rising from bottom to top, the mug features a tapered design that accentuates the bear's precarious position. The perfect souvenir for visitors of all ages.

Each and every wholesale coffee mug we sell is a fine example of the ceramicist’s art. And each will leave a lasting impression on the lucky visitor who drinks from it in your restaurant or who purchases one from your shop.

A Brief History of the Coffee Mug

The history of the mug is, in no small way, the history of human civilization. Long before Paykoc began offering the world beautiful Colorado coffee mugs wholesale, the mug was an integral part of the human story. The earliest known mugs have been dated to around 10,000 BC. They were carved from animal bones and were found in what is now northeast China. Clay mugs have been unearthed in Greece that date back to almost 5,000 BC. Copper mugs meanwhile, began showing up around 2,000 BC and porcelain (a refinement of clay ceramics) first entered the picture around 600 BC. The point is mugs have been with us from the earliest days of civilization. It's no wonder they retain such an important place in our hearts and hands.

What About That Name?

While everyone is familiar with the word "mug" and most people use it on a fairly regular basis, the origins of the word are actually shrouded in mystery. The word can be found in 17th-century literature describing a drinking vessel. But exactly how it wound up in common English usage is unknown. Perhaps the most viable theory is that the word is an appropriation of either the old Swedish word "mugg" or the old Danish word "mugge," which described a vessel typically used in the consumption of mead. This would make sense since Viking invaders played such an important role in the development of what are now the British Isles.

The Bottom Line

Wholesale Colorado coffee mugs from Paykoc Imports will make a valuable addition to your souvenir shop offerings. They’ll also allow you to add just the right touch to your diner or restaurant. Talk to one of our helpful sales associates about purchasing Colorado coffee mugs wholesale from Paykoc.