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Wholesale Copper Accents for Timeless Home Decor

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,29th Sep 2016
Wholesale Copper Accents for Timeless Home Decor
Updated on September 23rdth, 2023

When it comes to interior decorating, what’s old always has a way of becoming new again. While copper was once viewed as old fashioned, it’s now seen as a vintage decorating classic. In fact, copper has made a huge comeback in the past few years, with everywhere from restaurants to bars and businesses to homes embracing the timeless look of this unique, multi-dimensional material.

If you’re looking for a way to increase sales you owe it to yourself to stock a selection of wholesale copper accents from Paykoc Imports. Copper accents can be used to create highlights, generate contrast with other materials and add a timeless air to kitchens, bathrooms, outdoor areas or bars. Along with exposed brick, Edison bulbs, mason jars, hardwood, warm lighting, and a host of other timeless design staples, copper does away with mass-produced glitz and glam in favor of authenticity and craftsmanship, bringing homeowners back to a simpler, turn-of-the-century aesthetic—and we don’t mean the 21st century!

Purchasing Copper Accents Wholesale from Paykoc

Elegance and tradition are two design concepts that are easier to talk about than they are to actually achieve. Copper accents are powerful tools in the designer’s arsenal and do more to infuse a space with a traditional air than all the wide plank hardwood flooring there is. Purchasing copper accents wholesale from Paykoc is a common sense move that will breathe new life into your decor offerings. Paykoc Imports is proud to offer an extensive variety of wholesale decorative copper items your customers will love. Here are just a few of the quality copper options we offer...


  • Copper Planters — Copper planters are one of our most popular wholesale copper accents for a lot of good reasons. They’re portable but provide an air of permanence and timelessness. They’re available in a variety of traditional styles so they’re sure to work with whatever the designer or homeowner has in mind decor-wise. And they can be used on the deck, on the patio, in the pool area, on the porch or in the sunroom.
  • Kitchen Items — Nothing puts the finishing touches on a traditional or rustic kitchen design like copper pots and pans, copper urns, copper cocktails spoons and copper tea pots or Turkish coffee pots. Finding high-quality copper accents wholesale can be a challenge. But when you purchase wholesale copper kitchen items from Paykoc you’ll be ready when discerning customers enter your shop with rustic matters on their minds.
  • Wall Decor — Copper strainers, egg poachers, colanders, wall platters and purely decorative copper wall hangings are all in demand from those who want to ramp up both the elegance and hominess of their interior decor. Often times such items are added for purely decorative purposes to create focal points or play off other elements in the decor. These types of wholesale copper decor items are much sought-after by interior decorators and by homeowners engaged in large-scale kitchen renovations.
  • Hanging Copper — These wholesale copper accents add priceless touches to virtually any type of decor from aggressively modern to colonial to Victorian and more. Whether with brass chain or iron handles they add a rustic air to the kitchen, infuse the veranda with a sense of settled authority and make ideal accents when used as hanging planters in a sunroom or conservatory. Designers and homeowners love to sprinkle these items around the house as a kind of architectural highlight.
  • Distilling Pots — Often what a decor needs as much as anything are discrete items that provide a historical note or simply add a bit of visual interest that activates the items around them, providing them with context and support. As much curiosity as they are a piece of functional, old world technology copper distilling pots provide the “Oh wow!” factor in ways that few other items can. For that reason they’re a favorite with interior decorators from coast to coast.
  • Copper Cauldrons — Copper cauldrons are another versatile decor item that can fulfill multiple decorative roles around the house. Place a small one next to the fireplace to hold kindling or a large one to hold firewood, use them as planters on the deck or patio, place one on the kitchen countertop to hold spoons and ladles or put one on an end table in the living room to hold magazines. Wholesale copper cauldrons are a must-have item for any design studio or home decor shop and with our incredible variety your customers will find exactly the one they want and need to inform their interior design efforts.
  • Copper Bowls — Copper bowls are another item that can be appreciated strictly for their own considerable aesthetic merits or modified to serve a host of decorative or functional roles. At Paykoc we have a wealth of different styles and sizes of wholesale copper bowls to choose from. Place a small one in the foyer and fill it with welcome treats during the holidays. A large copper bowl can be modified to function as an elegant copper sink in the bathroom. Or place one on the table to hold bread during family meals. Designers and decorators who maintain their own stock of decorative items need to have copper bowls on hand.

Back to Basics: Transforming Your Kitchen with Copper

Whether used as an accent piece or as a central feature of your kitchen, copper is a striking addition to any kitchen. For an all-out vintage, rustic, or country look, stick with darker copper hues paired with real wood beams and cabinetry. If you want to mix and match the old and the new, opt for a brighter, shinier copper that will reflect the sheen of your stainless steel appliances and monochrome palette.

If you’re looking to integrate this timeless material into your kitchen’s look, consider the following ideas.

  • Three Copper Sheets to the Wind — Copper sheeting is not only attractive and lends a warm glow to your kitchen, it also has anti-bacterial qualities that are ideal for food prep. Where to add copper sheets? Well, literally, the sky’s the limit. Copper countertops, copper backsplashes, copper range hoods, even copper ceilings. Just be sure to pair it with other hues that won’t clash with copper’s deep and distinctive tones. Neutral colors, as well as woods and some greens and blues, are a perfect pairing, as are other textured, natural-looking materials like salvaged wood and stone.
  • Cooking with Copper — It’s a little-known fact that copper is actually the cooking material of choice for professional chefs. Copper’s unique ability to heat up quickly and cool down just as fast, help to distribute heat evenly when sautéing vegetables or simmering sauces. Copper saucepans, mixing bowls, and tea kettles are so beautiful, you’ll never want to hide them away in a cabinet. Try hanging copper pots and pans on the kitchen wall or above the sink--they’ll be easy to access and easy on the eyes.
  • Getting in the Mood — While the varied texture and sheen of copper make the material shine in any light, in the right setting, it’s absolutely radiant. Add ambient light fixtures near your kitchen’s copper—anything from task lighting to candles—that will set a relaxed tone and allow your copper’s fiery hues to shine.
  • Go Green — One of the best colors to pair with copper is green, and where better to get that splash of green than from the real stuff—potted house plants! Houseplants are kind of the fresh version of the kitchen table fruit bowl—a way to bring the outside in. For a natural aesthetic, cultivate a few different plants of varying sizes, heights, and types in your kitchen and pack them into copper vases and pots that will complement their deep green hues.
  • Make Copper Your New Fixture — Create a rustic look with a copper kitchen faucet that flows into an accompanying copper sink. In this world of chrome and stainless steel everything, a copper sink is sure to turn heads. The best news is that copper even looks good with age. A patina brings an antique feel to what is one of the most important rooms in the home. Another great way to ensure that copper remains a fixture in your home is to install hanging copper lamps over a kitchen island or table. Suspended lights are a great way to add character and ambience to your kitchen for a late night meal or wine and cheese party with friends.
  • Odds & Ends — If you’re not ready to commit to copper taking center stage in the kitchen, start out with a few copper accents to liven up your space. From copper picture or print frames to Moscow Mule copper mugs to copper candlesticks and copper wall art, this dazzling, versatile material is a welcome addition to any decorating scheme.

Copper is truly an inspiring material—it can whisk you away to anywhere from a Tuscan villa to the English countryside and lend a feeling of crisp modernity or the rustic rural living that was the norm a century ago. If you’re thinking of remodeling or redecorating your home, feel free to use our suggestions or think up a new way to integrate copper into your kitchen and put your own personal twist on this timeless design fixture. Get creative and above all, have fun!

Want to get really creative with your copper accessories? Consider having them customized. Paykoc Imports offers a variety of engraving options to turn copper accents into one-of-a-kind gifts or accents for your home. Explore our customization options and start designing your own engraved copper accents at by visting our customization tool at the link below.

The Bottom Line

Copper accents from Paykoc are a must-have for immaculate kitchens, home decor shops, interior decorators or even those who own and operate souvenir shops. Better yet, they can be by our Paykoc artisans with any type of geographic or historic motifs you like. In a world where more and more of life is migrating to the virtual realm, copper cauldrons, bowls, kitchen items, planters and other wholesale copper accents help keep us grounded in the real world where life is less hectic, more beautiful and more enriching. Browse our online store to see our full line of copper wholesale items, or talk to one of our sales associates by calling (888) 657-2881.