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Wholesale Glassware from Paykoc

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,20th Mar 2019
Wholesale Glassware from Paykoc

The glassware you choose for your restaurant, tavern or club will go a long way toward helping to establish its ambiance, reinforce its theme and bring the various design motifs together into a cohesive whole. Paykoc Imports has a vast array of premium glassware items with a distinctive flair that will help put your establishment on the map. Whether shot glasses, tumblers, water glasses, wine glasses or beer steins wholesale glassware from Paykoc is as durable as it is affordable. And keep in mind too that any of our premium glassware items can also be fully customized with the name of your establishment, the logo or any other information or imagery you choose.

Things to Consider When Purchasing Glassware Wholesale from Paykoc

Everyone knows you need to put a lot of thought into the plates and bowls you choose for your restaurant or tavern. They need to reinforce the brand, complement the food and be durable at the same time. Well, the same considerations go into choosing glassware to accompany your plates and bowls. Here are some of the things to keep in mind whenever you buy wholesale glassware from Paykoc or anywhere else:

  • Your Budget - A successful business is one that delivers value while keeping costs down. With that in mind you need to establish a realistic budget for your wholesale glassware before you start shopping. While glassware is available in a variety of prices, high quality glassware for commercial establishments will typically cost a bit more than glassware intended for domestic use. The key then is to identify exactly what you need and buy in bulk.
  • Design- If yours is a more traditional establishment you’ll want to select glassware that reflects traditional design motifs. If your tavern, restaurant or club has a more 21st century feel to it you’ll want clean lines with little embellishment. Another great way to reinforce the design motifs and ambiance of any establishment is to have the glassware laser etched with the name and some old school or cutting edge graphic touches. You might lose a few over time to opportunistic patrons with sticky fingers but wherever you glass winds up it will be free advertising.
  • Durability- Restaurants taverns and clubs are hard on glassware. Which is why you need to make sure you purchase durable, high quality pieces like those at Paykoc. Whereas a beer glass might be used once a month at home, in your restaurant it might be used by multiple patrons every single night. It needs to be able to stand up to the wear and tear. Durable glassware products that don’t break easily also reduce the chance of a patron accidentally breaking a glass and getting cut.
  • What about Plastic? - Plastic drinking glasses certainly have some advantages. Primary among them is that they don’t break, they last a long time and they’re cheap. Of course the disadvantage of buying anything plastic for your bar, club or restaurant is that they A) look and feel cheap B) they look and feel cheap and C) they look and feel cheap. Get the idea? The bottom line is that if you’re opening a fast food joint or a restaurant that caters to toddlers then by all means go plastic. If on the other hand you’re opening an establishment that will cater to adults leave the plastic on the shelf and pick up some glassware wholesale from Paykoc.

Choosing Specific Types of Glassware

  • Wine Glasses - We have a wide selection of wholesale wine glasses so you’re bound to find a style that matches your needs. The rules for selecting wine glasses aren’t etched in stone but they go something like this:
    • For red wines you’ll want wine glasses with slightly larger bowls.
    • For white wines with more delicate bouquets the glass should be a bit narrower and a bit taller.
    • Champagne calls for a tall flute style glass because this does the best job displaying the sparkling bubbles that make champagne such a distinctive beverage.
  • Beer Glasses - While there are always some hardcore beer lovers who prefer to drink straight from the bottle most want to decant their brew into some form of glass before drinking it. Beer glasses can take any number of shapes but in the US most bars, taverns and clubs serve it in either a glass mug or a pilsner glass that expands outward slightly as it rises to the rim. Pint glasses are another favorite. Particularly if you serve draft beer.
  • Shot Glasses - You’re not going to find shot glasses in many restaurants but they’re the stock and trade of any bar or tavern worthy of the title. At Paykoc we have a wide assortment of wholesale shot glasses available in a variety of sizes.
  • Cocktail Glasses - Like shot glasses cocktail glasses are more the concern of bars and clubs than restaurants. That’s because restaurants don’t want customers tying up a table for hours sipping on mixed drinks.

Peerless Wholesale Glassware from Paykoc

Choosing just the right glassware for your new eating or drinking venue isn’t rocket science but you do need to be mindful of the above considerations. When it’s time to select glassware for your new restaurant, tavern or club purchasing high quality glassware wholesale from Paykoc is the common sense way to go. Keep in mind too that any of your glassware purchases can be fully customized by our laser engravers who will turn them into distinctive wholesale glassware that will reinforce your brand while enhancing the ambiance of your establishment.