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Wholesale Jewelry from Paykoc Imports

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,9th Jan 2020
Wholesale Jewelry from Paykoc Imports

If you own a shop specializing in costume jewelry you owe it to your customers and to your bottom line to stock up on stunning wholesale jewelry from Paykoc. Many of our pieces are designed and fabricated right here in Colorado by local artisans. And the variety is impressive, if we do say so ourselves. Everything from amulets to necklaces of every style and type, steampunk earrings, evil eye bracelets, Buddha-themed jewelry, zamak jewelry and much more. We invest a lot of time and energy into ensuring our jewelry offerings are of the highest quality and that they’re not things you’ll see in every mall in every city in America. These are unique, compelling items that will pull customers in and send them away happy.

A Brief History of Costume Jewelry

Jewelry has taken an interesting road to get to where it is today. It was actually one of the earliest forms of handicraft. And that’s something we associate with average folks. However, not everyone had the wherewithal or the access to resources to make jewelry, which meant it was also extremely rare and was almost never seen outside castles and palaces. In time, however, the jewelry path split in two. Some jewelers embraced more affordable and easily accessible materials. While others went all-in on ever greater refinement along with diamonds and other precious materials that were simply out of the financial reach of the average person.

In the early 18th century a man named Georges Frederic Strass produced the first convincing imitation diamonds and true costume jewelry was born. A century and a half later Daniel Swarovski produced the first convincing artificial rubies, emeralds and other semi-precious stones. He also pioneered a glass-cutting machine that could produce these faux stones quickly and cheaply.

By the early 20th century costume jewelry seemed poised to take off. However, it still suffered a certain social stigma that went something like this: “Only those with no taste and no money wear costume jewelry.” Turns out it took a true high-fashion luminary to bring costume jewelry into the fashion fold and provide it the mainstream acceptance it so richly deserved. That luminary was none other than Coco Chanel. She produced and marketed a line of fashion jewelry that embraced forms and materials that had never been thought appropriate to haute couture. In doing so she opened the door for costume jewelry creators everywhere to market their creations to an eager audience.

Today, whether you call it costume jewelry or fashion jewelry this type of unpretentious accessory is here to stay. Wholesale costume jewelry from Paykoc reflects the beauty, care and imagination that goes into the best of today’s costume jewelry creations. It’s the kind of evocative everyday accessory that turns heads and always presents the wearer in a flattering light.

What is Zamak Jewelry?

During discussions of wholesale jewelry you’ll often here the term ‘zamak jewelry’. But what exactly does ‘zamak’ mean? Is it a country in central Asia? A type of semi-precious stone? Actually it’s neither. It’s a metal alloy. The name is an acronym for ‘zinc, aluminum, magnesium and copper’. (Which, of course, means it should be ‘zamac’. But we won’t quibble.) Zamak is known for its hardness and durability, which make it an ideal material for costume jewelry. Many of the necklaces, brackets, earrings and other pieces we feature at Paykoc are fashioned from zamak.

Zamak is also known for its hypoallergenic properties. This is a result of the intense purity of the alloy. Unlike solid nickel, copper, chromium and other metals the zamak alloy will almost never cause an allergic reaction or irritate the skin. This makes it a great choice for those who love fashion jewelry but are wary of it because of their sensitive skin.

Some of the Beautiful Wholesale Jewelry from Paykoc

We’re proud of the variety of our wholesale jewelry offerings. They cover all the fashion bases and all fashionable tastes. Here is a representative sampling of some of the jewelry items we offer:

  • Evil eye gold-plated earrings
  • Zamak earrings with turquoise inlay
  • Ganesh silver and copper earrings
  • Sterling silver snake braided chain necklace
  • Guatemalan critter keychains
  • Assorted chakra bracelets
  • Owl braided wristband with tan leather
  • Assorted couples bracelets
  • DNA sequence beaded Guatemalan magnetic necklace
  • Ornate Turkish statement necklace
  • Pearl macrame bracelets
  • Turquoise bauble bracelet
  • And many, many more...

We go to great lengths to ensure our jewelry wholesale selection is the best it can be and is populated by unique and evocative creations you’re unlikely to find elsewhere.

The Perfect Addition to Your Fashion Jewelry Line

One of the hardest things for sellers of fashion jewelry to do is to separate themselves from the pack. There are so many store owners dipping their buckets into the same wholesale jewelry well that sometimes the customer can get a feeling of deja vu when they go from store to store. That won’t happen when you purchase fashion jewelry items wholesale from Paykoc Imports. We go far off the beaten path to source our costume jewelry selections. But we don’t ever compromise on quality just to find something that’s different. As a result you’ll see your customer’s eyes light up when they catch their first glimpse of these wholesale fashion jewelry standouts. And as word spreads they’re sure to breathe new life into your bottom line. Contact Paykoc today to learn more about purchasing beautiful fashion jewelry wholesale for your business.