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​Wholesale Pepper Mills from Paykoc Imports ​

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,11th Sep 2019
​Wholesale Pepper Mills from Paykoc Imports ​

As far back as the early Roman Empire historians and scribes of the day were remarking on the unusual grip pepper had on the public. Both as an ingredient in cooking and as a political tool. One of the reasons the patricians of the day were able to raise huge private armies was because of all the money they were making from the pepper trade. Meanwhile, in China at around the same time, members of the imperial court were required to freshen their breath with a combination of pepper and clove before they spoke to the emperor. It's now 2,000 years later, and the demand for pepper has never been greater. If you own a restaurant, tavern or pub, you know this to be true. Which is why you should consider fitting out your dining area with wholesale pepper mills from Paykoc Imports.

A Brief History of the Peppercorn

Pepper was well known to the people of the Indian subcontinent 4,000+ years ago and gradually migrated west. When the Egyptian Pharaoh Ramses II died in 1213 BC, black peppercorns were stuffed into his nostrils to help preserve the body. They were still there when his mummy was discovered 1881. But it was the Romans who really popularized pepper. In fact, it was such a prized commodity in the Empire that it was often traded straight up for other things in place of money and early on earned the nickname "black gold."

When writing about the Roman obsession with pepper in the 1st century AD, the historian Pliny the Elder famously wrote: "There is no year in which India does not drain the Roman Empire of 50 million sesterces". Approximately $75 million in today's money. (India of course, is where the Romans bought their pepper.) And when the Visigoths laid siege to the city of Rome in the 5th century AD, they demanded 3,000 pounds of pepper as a condition for lifting the siege. Such was the ancient appetite for this pungent spice. But where did the classic pepper mill come from?

History of Classic Pepper Mills

For most of its history pepper was ground using a mortar and pestle. And in some places today it still is. In Europe, the first crude pepper mills began to appear in the 14th century. But it wasn’t until the mid-19th century that the pepper mill as we recognize it these days was invented. Those now-classic pepper mills became an instance hit and within just a couple of decades could be found in most of the better kitchens of Europe.

But Why Use Pepper Mills?

Wholesale pepper mills allow your patrons to experience this historic spice in its freshest possible state. Pepper can quickly lose flavor and aroma after being ground. So the longer the time between being ground and being used, the less potent and aromatic the pepper. If you sometimes wonder why the pepper you put on your food at the diner seems to lack a certain punch, it's likely because it's been sitting ground in the shaker for several months. With wholesale copper pepper mills from Paykoc Imports on the table in your restaurant, this culinary faux pas will never happen.

Wholesale Pepper Mills from Paykoc

Now that everyone’s up to speed on the history of man’s favorite spice and the need for it to be dispensed in the freshest manner possible, let’s take a look at Paykoc’s classic style pepper mills for wholesale. There are 3 different designs available for wholesale purchase.

  • The first is the traditional small pepper mill. This has a bell-shaped bottom, sturdy brass handle and is festooned with enigmatic embossing and engraving along the flute. These are some of our most popular barware/kitchenware items, and provide a lively visual counterpoint to dark wooden tables or bar tops.
  • Next, we have the tall bell-bottom vintage pepper mill. Like its shorter cousin, this pepper mill is fashioned from brass and copper, beautifully engraved and built to stand the test of time. It stands 5.5 inches tall and allows your customers to grab a firm hold and execute a nice smooth grinding of the precious peppercorns.
  • And finally, we have the tall columnar style vintage pepper mill. These, our tallest pepper mills, are fashioned entirely from brass and copper and imported from the workshops of Asia Minor. They stand an insistent 8 inches tall and are ideal for large tables or for use by your wait staff. They have the added benefit of also providing a peerless decorative touch when placed behind the bar or in a display case.
  • You Can Count on Paykoc Quality

    Paykoc has been importing only the highest-quality handicrafts for more than 3 decades. We scour the workshops of Asia Minor in a constant search for products that reflect the very best of the Turkish handicraft tradition. A tradition that stands alone in its stubborn refusal to yield to the demands of the modern world.

    The wholesale pepper mills we select for import are an outstanding example of the virtues of handcrafted quality. Not only are they visually evocative, they also function beautifully and allow you to bring out the full aromatic qualities of the pepper. So don't just pick up a bunch of standard plastic pepper shakers. Invest in pepper mills wholesale from Paykoc and provide your customers with a high-quality culinary experience that makes for a great conversation piece as well.