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Wholesale Tin Lined Copper Mugs

Posted by Paykoc Import ,3rd Jun 2019
Wholesale Tin Lined Copper Mugs

Whole copper mugs make a great addition to any souvenir shop, bar or restaurant. And when you also have them customized by the master engravers at Paykoc you get a keepsake your customers from near and far are going to trip over each other to obtain. Recently however, there have been published reports that drinking from copper mugs may represent a health risk. Although these reports were quickly shot down by scientific facts shortly after surfing the damage was done to a certain extent. As such you may encounter customers who are reluctant to purchase copper mugs from your shop because of these erroneous reports. The solution? Wholesale tin lined copper mugs from Paykoc.

Tin Lined Copper Mugs Wholesale from Paykoc Will Reinvigorate Your Sales

The news that Iowa was going to ban drinking from copper mugs sent shockwaves through the media. Hysterical headlines proclaimed the alleged dangers of these traditional drinking vessels that have been used safely for centuries. And “experts” proclaimed that the dangers were akin to lead poisoning or worse.

Then a funny thing happened. Follow up stories revealed that Iowa did not in fact pass any new legislation regarding drinking from copper mugs. But instead, some mid-level bureaucrat had simply decided to score some political points by suddenly enforcing a ban on copper drinking vessels that had been on the books for ages. And which had been completely ignored because there was no danger.

Scientists then chimed in with their learned opinions regarding the relative dangers. And it turns out that in order to ingest enough copper from a mug to do damage one would have to drink dozens of Moscow Mules or other cocktails 7 days a week, 365 days a year, year after year. And frankly, if you’re drinking that many Moscow Mules, copper isn’t your biggest problem.

Better Safe Than Unsold

Even though the myth that drinking from copper mugs was somehow dangerous was put to sleep in fairly short order many people, as we mentioned, didn’t get the memo and continue to harbor the impression that danger exists. Trying to talk people out of their opinions is typically a losing proposition. So what can you do to reinvigorate copper mug sales at your souvenir store or specialty shop? Tin lined wholesale copper mugs from Paykoc is what.

The tin lining in these beautifully crafted mugs not only creates a stunning visual counterpoint to the lustrous copper finish it also allows you to do an end run around customer fears. If someone voices unease regarding drinking from copper mugs you simply point out that those concerns don’t apply to tin lined mugs. With wholesale tin lined copper mugs from Paykoc there is zero chance of copper leaching into a drink. Regardless of whether it’s a Moscow Mule or a nice frosty lemonade.

In this way you provide the customers an alternative that is perfectly safe, without having to try and change their minds about the safety of 100% copper mugs. It’s a “better safe than unsold” strategy that is bound to provide a kickstart that will get your copper mug sales going again.

Are There Any Limitation to Tin Lined Copper Mugs?

Some of our customers have concerns that there might be some limitations to tin lined wholesale copper mugs that don’t exist with 100% copper mugs. But nothing could be further from the truth. Anything you could do with a standard all-copper mug you can do with a tin lined copper mug. And anything you want to engrave on your tin lined copper mugs - your city or town, nearby historic sites, relevant graphics, portraits of important local citizens past and present - you can engrave. Your operation does not skip a beat, you address the concerns - justified or not - of your customers and everyone gets back to the business of making sales and enjoying their vacation.

Why Purchase Wholesale Copper Mugs From Paykoc?

It’s true there are any number of companies that offer tin lined copper mugs wholesale like Paykoc. So why should you choose to purchase your wholesale copper mugs from us rather than the competition? Well, actually there are a few pretty good reasons.

  • First: Experience - Paykoc imports was established more than 3 decades ago as a way to showcase high quality imported handicrafts of our founder’s native country of Turkey. Over the years we’ve grown and expanded our product lines. We were one of the first online sellers and distributors of copper mugs in the US and can rightfully say there are few other companies that can match our know-how and experience in the copper mug distribution business.
  • Second: Selection - All those years of experience has taught us a thing or two about copper mugs. We’ve been able to use that experience to provide our customers with a peerless variety of mug styles from which to choose. From kettle mugs to tankards, hammered tankards, hammered barrel mugs, antique barrel mugs and more we have one of the largest selections of wholesale tin lined copper mugs you’ll find anywhere.
  • Third: Added Features - Few are the companies that offer such a wide array of tin lined copper mugs and the ability to customize those mugs in-house. At Paykoc we not only provide the highest quality tin lined copper mugs but we’ll also customize them in any way you see fit. Because you don’t have to send the mugs to a third party for engraving or embossing you save money. And isn’t that what it’s all about?