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Wholesale Turkish Chandeliers from Paykoc Imports

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,12th Oct 2019
Wholesale Turkish Chandeliers from Paykoc Imports

Whether you’re a builder looking for a compelling addition to the kitchens in your new development, the owner of a lighting supply store looking for a way to light a fire under sales or a designer tasked with remaking a chain of restaurants Turkish mosaic chandeliers are the ideal solution. These beautiful expressions of the Turkish handicraft tradition will lively up your tavern, add that “wow” element to kitchens or become the hottest item in your showroom. They dovetail with an array of decors, can be employed equally effectively in the kitchen, living room, bathroom or foyer and will appeal to a wide variety of customers. Perhaps the best reason to buy Turkish chandeliers wholesale is their authenticity. In an increasingly virtual world, they're vivid reminders of the power of human craftsmanship.

The History of the Chandelier

A lot of folks assume that the chandelier has been with us since the beginning. That the pharaohs of ancient Egypt dined beneath enormous chandeliers while they watched the pyramids being built. But in truth the chandelier, while not exactly modern, can trace its origins no further back than medieval times when 2 pieces of wood forming an X were hung from the ceilings of churches with candles at each end of the X. Indeed the word "chandelier" is French for "candle holder."

Even though these wooden chandeliers were extremely simple, they were still considered a luxury due to the cost of high-quality candles. As such, for several centuries the only places you were likely to see a chandelier was in the churches and palaces of the day. Toward the end of this period, improvements in design and materials allowed aristocrats to indulge themselves when it came to chandelier construction. Crystal, various metals and glass all began to find their way into chandeliers. And by the 18th-century chandelier design had become an artform unto itself.

Subsequent advances in production techniques began to bring down the cost of the chandelier and by the time of the American Revolution they were a common fixture (so to speak) in the homes of the middle class both in Europe and the United States. Eventually candles gave way to gas and then electricity, culminating in the chandelier as we know it today.

Over the centuries, different cultures each contributed their own take on the venerable chandelier. And, of course, it was only natural that the part of the world now known as Turkey, which has long nurtured one of the most active, celebrated and enduring handicraft traditions on earth, would produce its own version of the chandelier.

During the late Byzantine Empire and throughout the heyday of the Ottoman Empire the mosaic chandelier was a common sight in coffee houses, libraries and homes of the period. A tradition that continues to this day. The Turkish mosaic chandeliers we offer at Paykoc are a shining example of the artform at its absolute best.

Activate Your Business with Wholesale Turkish Chandeliers

There are a number of advantages to purchasing wholesale Turkish mosaic chandeliers from Paykoc. Here are just a few:

  • They exhibit timeless style - Turkish mosaic chandeliers have a timeless quality that is unmatched by other types of chandeliers. They’re one of the few items of interior decor that will look just as good in a country style kitchen as they will in an aggressively modern kitchen. They infuse Victorian homes with life and add a level of class and visual interest to all kinds of bars and restaurants.
  • They don’t take up lots of room - Some crystal chandeliers come in huge boxes that devour available storage space. Not Turkish mosaic chandeliers. They’re modestly sized, don’t have a lot of loose parts or require a ton of assembly and are packed away efficiently in thick, durable boxes that stack easily and take up minimal space.
  • They won’t’ collect dust - Turkish chandeliers and lamps are in high demand because of their beauty, versatility and affordability. They’re not the kind of items that are going to sit on your shelves collecting dust.
  • They’re the answer to your design problems - Have a restaurant or tavern that needs something authentic to bring it to life? Wholesale Turkish chandeliers are the perfect solution. They provide subtle color and atmosphere, and they're handcrafted in Turkey. As opposed to the untold number of imitation Tiffany lamps flooding the market that are pumped out by Chinese factories.
  • We can get you more in a hurry - Paykoc Imports is one of the largest importers of Turkish handicrafts, including beautiful handmade Turkish chandeliers, in the US. We have direct supply lines with the workshops in Turkey. No one can supply you with more Turkish mosaic chandeliers wholesale faster than us.

The Bottom Line

We’ve been importing breathtaking Turkish mosaic lamps and chandeliers since the late '80s. In that time we've seen first-hand how popular these chandeliers are with home and business owners from all walks of life. Unlike any number of other companies, we're not offering mass-produced knock-off products. Each of our wholesale chandeliers is handcrafted in a workshop in Turkey by highly trained artisans who comprise the latest link in a centuries-old tradition. And each is subjected to rigorous quality control testing before it's released to the market. If you're in need of a product to bring your real estate development, restaurant chain or lighting showroom to life, here they are: Turkish chandeliers wholesale from Paykoc Imports.