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Wholesale Turkish Mosaic Lamps from Paykoc

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,30th Oct 2018
Wholesale Turkish Mosaic Lamps from Paykoc

In the beginning there were Turkish mosaic lamps. They had been around in one form or another for centuries, a mainstay of the incredible Turkish handicraft tradition. A little over a century ago they caught the eye of one Louis Comfort Tiffany who took the idea and ran with it, resulting in the only kind of handmade, glass-shaded lamp most North Americans would ever know; the Tiffany lamp. In recent decades Tiffany lamps have become little more than an empty reflection of LC Tiffany’s original vision and Turkish mosaic lamps have finally emerged from the shadows. If you represent an interior design company or lighting contractor you owe it to yourself to consider purchasing Turkish mosaic lamps wholesale from Paykoc Imports.

Why Buying Turkish Mosaic Lamps Wholesale Makes Sense

Unlike smart phones and cars which both become obsolete before they’ve been shipped from the factory Turkish mosaic lamps are timeless expressions of the handicraft tradition that are in no danger of going out of style or being replaced by next year’s model. The fundamental aspects of Turkish mosaic lamp design are essentially the same today as they were centuries ago as are the fabrication methods. While Tiffany lamps have become a parody of their former selves, mass-produced on assembly lines in the sweatshops of the East, each Turkish mosaic lamp is still handcrafted with its own unique characteristics.

The Quest for the Real

As our experience becomes increasingly virtual more and more businesses and homeowners are seeking out tangible expressions of craftsmanship to adorn their kitchens, living rooms, outdoor kitchens, taverns, hotels, restaurants, ski resorts and more. Turkish mosaic lamps fill that need to a T. Whether your clients are developers, homeowners or electrical contractors handmade Turkish lamps provide them an affordable way to carve the compelling out of the mundane and the beautiful out of the bland.

You’ll never have to worry about this type of design accessory moldering on your shelves. Mosaic lamps embrace such a wide variety of styles and colors that they fit seamlessly into virtually any decor. Want to achieve the feel of a 19th century Alpine ski lodge? Mosaic lamps will make it happen. Helping a client remodel their Victorian home? Mosaic lamps add an air of authenticity that can’t be beat. Are you tasked with helping a restaurant owner create a warm, homey feel? Turkish mosaic lamps are the answer. And if you’re looking for a way to add a human touch to an aggressively modern design mosaic pendants and wall sconces are the way to go.

The Advantages of Purchasing Mosaic Lamps in Quantity

The advantages of purchasing Turkish mosaic lamps wholesale from Paykoc are many and include:

  • They are easy to store - All of our mosaic lamps come packaged in secure, high quality boxes that are easy to stack while awaiting deployment.
  • They won’t go out of style - Too many times you wind up buying something in quantity only to have it go out of style while 90 percent of your stock remains on the shelf. That won’t happen with mosaic lamps. Their appeal in fact is almost entirely due to their timelessness.
  • You can restock in a hurry - Paykoc is one of the largest importers of Turkish mosaic lamps in North America. Should you need to replenish your supply in a hurry no one is better suited to answer the call.
  • You’ll save money - Turkish mosaic lamps are the affordable design solution to many of your decor puzzles and problems. And when you purchase in quantity from Paykoc you’ll enjoy favorable pricing that will make your decision even smarter in both the short and long run.
  • Demand is high - The market for mosaic lamps has steadily increased in recent years due in part to the efforts of Paykoc but also because the Internet has introduced innumerable people to these stunning handmade lamps.
  • They’re non-perishable - When you purchase Turkish mosaic lamps wholesale from Paykoc you will never have to worry about them going bad on your shelves. Whenever you open the box to install them they will look just as good as the day they left the workshop.

Unlike stocking fabric or even wood-based products there are no special environmental considerations that come into play when it comes to storing wholesale Turkish mosaic lamps purchased from Paykoc. All that’s needed is a few empty shelves and the number for the Paykoc sales agent; because you’ll no doubt be restocking in short order.

Keep in mind too when designing with Turkish mosaic lamps that the installation cost for this type of light fixture is, in some cases, zero. That’s because all that’s needed is to place the lamp on the restaurant or ski lodge table and plug it in. Even wall sconces and pendants can be installed in just minutes and don’t require the type of complex wiring needed for recessed and track lighting.

The Bottom Line

If you represent an interior design firm or lighting contractor purchasing wholesale Turkish mosaic lamps from Paykoc makes sense any way you look at it. You will save money up front, there are no special storage considerations, they won’t go bad, they won’t go out of style, they are in-demand and your supplier, Paykoc, is one of the largest importers of Turkish lamps on the continent so there won’t be a problem securing more. Talk to one of our friendly and knowledgeable sales reps about purchasing Turkish mosaic lamps wholesale from Paykoc.