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Why Custom Glassware May Be Your Company's Secret Weapon

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,14th Apr 2021
Why Custom Glassware May Be Your Company's Secret Weapon

In today's tumultuous business environment everyone is looking for the ideal marketing tool that will give them a leg up on the competition. At the same time, there are more choices than ever when it comes to where you can spend your marketing budget. But before you decide to spend your last dollar on a social media marketing campaign, consider customized glassware from Paykoc Imports. It might be the smartest decision you make this year.

Custom Glassware: The Gift You Give Your Business

If you have a restaurant, tavern, ski resort, bar or any other type of place where people congregate to eat and drink, custom glasses, mugs and more are a great way to invest your marketing dollars. There are myriad ways this type of item can be employed to spread the good word about your business, and the best part is that it doesn’t disappear after 30 seconds like a TV spot, or a couple of weeks like an internet ad. Here are just some of the many ways our customers utilize our personalized glassware.

As a promotional giveaway - Everyone loves a high-quality glass mug, beer stein or pilsner glass, which means they make great promotional giveaways. Unlike promotional mousepads or calendars, customized promotional glassware will likely be used by the recipient for years to come. And all that time it will be quietly carrying the message of your business. Even if you don’t own an eating or drinking establishment a beautiful piece of customized glass used as a promotional item is going to generate plenty of smiles and goodwill at tradeshows and during product launches.

As a low-key form of brand reinforcement for your restaurant or bar - Some restaurants go all-out with the promotional materials, plastering their name on placemats, chairs, napkins and anything else that will accept it. If you would like to engage in a more low-key type of brand reinforcement have our master etchers create some customized glass items for your tavern or steakhouse. You'll get the brand reinforcement you need without turning your respectable establishment into a fast-food environment.

Holiday giveaways to important customers - No matter what type of business you have there are some customers that deserve a little bit of special treatment. You know the ones; they’re there every Friday at the corner table, whether business is booming or the place is half empty due to a recession. People like them keep you afloat through thick and thin. Reward them during the holidays with a handsome customized gift. It’s a great way to say “thank you” and to keep them coming back, and every time they use the glass they’ll think about how nice it was of you to acknowledge their loyalty.

The perfect complement for your office - Let’s say you have an office where you often have clients, contractors and others in for important meetings. Imagine the impression you’ll make if your conference table is set with glassware from Paykoc emblazoned with your company logo, instead of paper or plastic cups. It’s the kind of subtle brand reinforcement that leaves a lasting impression and it doesn’t cost an arm and a leg.

An unforgettable graduation gift - Sure, customized glassware makes a perfect complement for your conference room, and an ideal way to impress customers in your restaurant and bar. But there’s more to them than that. We can customize your chosen piece of glassware with any type of text, imagery or graphic flourishes you wish. As such, glassware like this makes an ideal graduation gift with the recipient's name and school and the date of their graduation etched tastefully into it. But that’s not all. They’re also the perfect way to acknowledge a big promotion or other career milestone, and of course, they make perfect birthday gifts.

Creating Your Piece of Customized Glass

Now that you know how valuable and timeless these personalized items are you may be thinking that the process of creating them is complex, or that this type of glassware is prohibitively expensive. Fortunately, creating your own custom glassware is extremely simple and it won’t cause any disruptions to your financial status.

On the Paykoc website just navigate to the “customize now” page. There you will see an interface where you can select the glass product you want to customize and then indicate what you would like etched onto that product. You can choose text or graphics, upload a picture, choose one of our design ideas or even add a QR Code. Then select how many you want and add them to your cart. That’s it. And if you’re worried about price, don’t be. All of our customized items are very competitively priced and typically sell for much less than our customers expect, which is why so many come back for more or expand their orders.

Order Your Customized Glass Items Today

Whether you want them for your office, your home bar, as Christmas giveaways, to help in a product launch, to reward loyal customers, to mark an important milestone or for any other reason, our personalized glassware is a smart choice. Before you spend your marketing or holiday gift budget on ineffective or quickly forgotten items, consider custom mugs, glasses, ashtrays or other items from Paykoc Imports. Your business associates, customers, employees, siblings, kids and, most importantly, you, will be glad you did. If you need help placing your order please feel free to call us at 1 (888) 657-2881.