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Why Mosaic Lamps are Right for Your Bar or Restaurant

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When most folks think of beautiful Turkish mosaic lamps they think about how great they’d look on the table next to the sofa, or in the foyer providing a warm, redolent greeting to guests on cold winter nights. Some folks picture a stunning pendant array over the island in their kitchen or a mosaic floor lamp nestled up to their favorite comfy chair in the living room. But while all those settings and more are perfect places to allow Turkish mosaic lamps to work their evocative magic there’s no reason why such versatile lighting fixtures need be confined to purely domestic use. The fact is if you own a bar or restaurant you should definitely consider using mosaic lamps to enhance the atmosphere, create period references and generate visual interest.

Turkish Mosaic Lamps aren't Just for the Home

From Mesopotamia with Love

Turkish mosaic lamps can trace their ancestry back thousands of years to the days when Mesopotamian artisans used colored stones to create some of the earliest narrative mosaics ever made. Over time the mosaic tradition came to embrace glass elements which eventually spawned an entirely new art form: the mosaic lamp. While most Westerners are familiar with the Tiffany lamp and tend to think of it as somehow arising solely from the imagination of the company’s founder Louis Comfort Tiffany, the fact is Tiffany took inspiration directly from the Turkish mosaic lamps he saw on several of his European sojourns in the late 19th century. When he introduced his lamps at the 1893 World Columbian Exposition in Chicago he even displayed them in a Byzantine style “chapel” as a tip of the hat to his Turkish inspiration.

Into the Modern Home

While it may have been L.C. Tiffany who popularized the idea of mosaic lampshades in the West the Turkish artisans who actually invented the artform never stopped generating handmade mosaic magic in their workshops. Today those magnificent creations are finally gaining much deserved recognition and, by way of visionary retailers like Paykoc Imports, have found a place in the modern home. But there’s no reason their pleasures must be confined to the living room or kitchen. These stunning handmade fixtures also provide the perfect accent to your restaurant, lounge or pub.

Beyond the Living Room

Turskish Mosaic Lamp for Bars and Restaurants

Those who design restaurants and taverns know that the key to success revolves around creating a unique image. The look needs to be in lock-step with the type of food being served and/or the type of relaxed environment they’re trying to promote. Whereas fast food restaurants use easy-to-clean plastic furnishings in order to process the maximum amount of people in the minimum amount of time, less ruthless environments require thoughtful, high-quality furnishings and decorative components that encourage customers to make themselves at home and unwind with family and friends over a fine meal or their favorite micro-brew.

Whether you operate a wine bar that overlooks the city from high atop a skyscraper or a neighborhood cafe that serves as the social nexus of the community the introduction of Turkish mosaic lamps will enhance the atmosphere and add value to your customer’s experience. Because, in a very real way, they exist outside of any particular design ‘movement’ their versatility as a decor element is practically unparalleled. They can be used in the service of everything from the most contemporary to the most vintage of environments. They’ll imbue your bar or restaurant with high-end credibility or down-home comfort, depending on the type of establishment. They add a splash of color to booths, a timeless air to the bar setting and beckon patrons to enter when placed on either side of the front door.

Timeless Beauty at Affordable Prices

Whereas granite countertops, hand woven rugs and genuine wood furniture will set you back a pretty penny these stunning handmade mosaic lamps are the high quality decor elements anyone can afford. The aesthetic value they’ll bring to your establishment far outstrips what you’ll actually pay for them and they’ll continue to provide that value for many years to come.

If you are in the process of planning the decor for your eating or drinking establishment we encourage you to browse our extensive collection of beautifully crafted Turkish mosaic lamps. You’ll be amazed at the variety of choices and the design flexibility you’ll have.


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