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​A Personalized Copper Moscow Mule Mug: The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,10th Mar 2020
​A Personalized Copper Moscow Mule Mug: The Perfect Gift for Any Occasion

If you are looking for a special gift for a partner, parent or close friend – something that lets them know just how much you care – a beautiful copper Moscow mule mug could be the perfect choice. If he or she is a fan of the popular cocktail so much the better but you can use our copper mugs for all sorts of beverages, not just Moscow mules! If you’re not sure how to make a Moscow mule, it’s one part vodka, one part lime juice and three parts ginger beer, poured over ice. Moscow mules are commonly served in copper mugs because some people believe that the copper helps to keep the drink cold but whether this is true or not, they certainly feel nice and cool in the hand. In our opinion, the best thing about a personalized copper Moscow mule mug is that it looks absolutely amazing.

What Makes a Custom Copper Moscow Mule Mug from Paykoc so Special?

Manufactured from 100% copper with seamless interiors, copper mugs by Paykoc Imports are of the highest quality and built to last a lifetime, at the least! If polished on a regular basis, they shine with a gorgeous deep luster that is guaranteed to draw admiring comments from friends and family. If you prefer to leave them to age gracefully, they will, over time, develop a rich patina that adds character and makes each mug unique. However, it’s not just the pure copper and quality craftsmanship that makes our Moscow mule copper mugs so special, or the fact they are manufactured in a fair trade factory to ensure workers are treated properly. While these are certainly important features to our customers, what really sets our copper mugs apart is the fact you can have them customized with a beautiful image or the words of your choice. If you are not sure what sort of personalized image or text you would like to have engraved on your gift, take a look at our suggestions in the next section.

A Message or Image for Your Engraved Copper Moscow Mule Mug

Our highly-skilled metal engravers can engrave virtually any image, slogan or message that you would like on your copper mug – the only limit is your imagination! Metal engraving does not allow for the use of colors – so it’s not suitable for family photographs or anything like that – but if you have a special design or monochrome image in mind that you would like to have etched on your personalized copper Moscow mule mug, we will be delighted to oblige. Below, we have listed some ideas that may appeal to you, or at least stimulate your imagination and help you to come up with an idea of your own that is just perfect for your mug.

  • The Recipient’s Name – The simplest idea is to have the name of the recipient of your gift engraved on the mug. Choose a nice font and have their name engraved in a prominent location so that everybody knows whose mug it is!
  • A Favorite Proverb or Quote – If there is a wise proverb or quote from a famous person that holds particular meaning for the recipient, it would be a nice idea to have this engraved on the side of the mug.
  • An Anniversary Date – If you are giving the mug as an anniversary gift, you can have the date of the anniversary, along with a short message, engraved on your copper Moscow mule mug. Every time that special someone uses the mug, they will think of you and the special anniversary.
  • A Family Crest – If your family has its own crest or coat of arms, you could have this etched into the copper by our skilled engravers. We can engrave everything from simple crests to complex coats of arms that are unique to your family.
  • A Sporting Logo/Crest – If the person you are buying the custom copper Moscow mule mug for is an avid sports fan and follows a particular club, you can have the club’s crest or logo engraved on it, ensuring they will enjoy every drink they take from their special mug.
  • An Image of a Favorite Musician or Sporting Hero – Choosing an image for someone who has a favorite sporting hero or who is a huge fan of a certain musician is an easy task and they are sure to appreciate their new mug if you have this image engraved on the side.
  • A Personal Message – There can be few better ways to let someone know how much you think of them than a heartfelt message that tells them exactly how you feel. This is a great choice for a copper Moscow mule mug that you wish to give to a partner or a very close friend.

Ordering Your Engraved Copper Moscow Mule Mug

If you are buying the mug to give to a loved one on a special occasion, you will want to make sure that you order in plenty of time: most orders arrive in under two weeks from the order date but if you request a particularly complicated design for engraving, we recommend checking with us just to make sure. You can place your order, submit your artwork and pay for the mug on our website, making the whole process quick and easy to complete. Visit our online customization tool at the button below to create your own one-of-a-kind copper mule mug. Visit our custom-engraved copper mugs page to learn more about the engraving options we offer - or click the button below to start creating your own one-of-a-kind keepsakes through our online customization tool.