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15 Must-Have Bar Accessories if You Want to Be Known for Having a Great Home Bar

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There’s nothing like having a wet bar in the home. But no matter where you site it and whether your focus is fun or sophistication you’ll need accessories to really bring it to life and below we’ve got 15 of them for you.

Home Bar Essentials

From Wine Racks to Copper Mugs: 15 Home Bar Essentials

If you’ve gone to the trouble to create a home bar you’ll need to ensure it’s properly accessorized. Here are 15 examples of what we mean.

  1. The soda siphon - Nothing endows your home bar with old-school charm quite like a soda siphon. Turn your tap water into a must-have cocktail component with one tug on the handle. Your guests will want to hold it, you’ll want to use it and everyone will love the sparkling results.
  2. Artificial Ice - Something tells us that when people warn about the dangers of AI they’re not talking about artificial ice. Because, unlike computer-based AI these soapstone cubes aren’t out to enslave the human race; just to cast a chill over your drink without watering it down. Pick some up. Purists may scoff but everyone else will recognize them as a great idea.
  3. Copper Baby, Copper - Ramp up the ambiance of your home bar with the timeless beauty of Moscow Mule mugs from Paykoc. They’re not only the perfect vehicle for your Moscow Mules, Holiday Mules, Kentucky Mules and more they also look great hanging from the glass rack over the bar or stacked in a pyramid against the backsplash.
  4. Tools of the Trade - It’s the little things that make the biggest difference and when it comes to the perfect home bar. That means having all the tools of the trade on hand including the cocktail strainer and shaker, the jigger, stirrer, cutting board, bar knife, hand held juicer and more.
  5. Glass-Door Refrigerator - Every home bar should have its own mini fridge and if yours has a glass door it’s even better. Guests can see exactly which beers and soft drinks you have available and you don’t have to keep opening the door to check. You can also use those cans and bottles behind the glass to add subtle color to the space.
  6. Wine Rack - Whether your bar is intended to impress the boss or impress your neighbors you’ll still want to have a selection of first class wines on hand for special occasions. Having them displayed on a wine rack in many ways completes the look of the home bar. Go for an innovative design to ramp up the visual interest.
  7. Just the right bottle opener - Anyone can have a bottle opener. You want one that stands apart from the crowd either because it’s an antique you picked it up at Clignancourt Market in Paris or because it commemorates your favorite team finally winning it all. The bottle opener is another of those little touches that make all the difference.
  8. Striped Paper Straws - Your guests will sometimes need straws, why not make them fun and environmentally friendly? Old-school striped paper straws add a light-hearted touch to the proceedings and send a subtle signal that you care about the world you live in.
  9. The Iceman Cometh - While some will embrace artificial ice with both arms others will want to stay the course with traditional ice which means they’ll need an ice maker. Install it under the back counter next to the glass door fridge and you’ve got a dynamic duo of functionality that will separate your bar from the ordinary.
  10. Bar Stools to Die For - Make sure that when your guest are enjoying the perfect mule in their Moscow Mule mugs that they’re also sitting on first class bar stools. They should be tall and comfy and stable and sturdy. Other than that the details are up to you.
  11. Coasters - “Make sure you use a coaster!” Your mom was right. If your bar top is made of wood or natural stone you’re going to need coasters under those drinks. But far from being kill-joys they can reinforce a theme, add color and visual interest and be as formal or playful as you want.
  12. Champagne Bucket - When there’s something special to celebrate or the countdown is on for the New Year you’re going to want to have plenty of chilled bubbly on hand. Whether lacquered wood or mirror-finish stainless steel the champagne bucket is a must have.
  13. State of the Art Corkscrew - Your 1985 Henri Jayer Cros Parantoux won’t be much good if you don’t have the perfect corkscrew to open it with. Put a few extra bucks into getting one that is both beautifully functional as well as innovative in its design.
  14. Moscow Mule Placemats - Spend a little time in Photoshop creating your own Moscow Mule placemat designs and then have a bunch printed up. They’ll add a one-of-a-kind touch to your home bar and you might even catch a guest or 2 taking one home.
  15. Martini Pitcher - You’ve got the copper mugs, you’ve got the champagne bucket and the soda siphon. All that’s left is the martini pitcher. Don’t let your home bar be caught one vital component short. Pick up a martini pitcher and complete the picture.

Turn your home bar from a curiosity into the talk of the town by paying attention to the details. Don’t forget to pick up a 25 pack of beautifully crafted copper mugs from Paykoc to tie it all together.

One of the best ways to make your home bar totally unique to you is to get your glassware engraved with your initials, your favorite quote, or just something fun that you and friends can laugh about for years. At Paykoc Imports we offer individual glassware engraving or engraving in bulk.

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