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Personalized Copper Mugs: The Ideal Anniversary Gift

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,9th Mar 2023
Personalized Copper Mugs: The Ideal Anniversary Gift

Various metals have long been associated with different anniversaries including silver to signify 25 years, gold to indicate the 50-year anniversary and steel to indicate an 11-year anniversary. But what about copper? Doesn't copper get an anniversary? After all, humans have been fashioning objects like copper mugs and bowls for more than 11,000 years. The good news for copper fans is, yes, copper does get an anniversary all to itself and that would be the seventh. So if you or someone you know is about to celebrate a seventh anniversary read on to discover some ideas for outstanding copper anniversary gifts.

For Your Seventh Anniversary, Give the Gift of Copper

If you have been at a loss regarding what to get your significant other for your upcoming seventh anniversary, we understand. Anniversaries are a big deal and forgetting one or getting something that’s either inappropriate or that seems like you just didn’t put any thought into it is a great way to end up sleeping on the couch. But fret no longer. We’ve got some great ideas that will enable you to hit a home run and leave a lasting impression that says you care.

The great thing about the copper anniversary is that no one will be expecting you to come up with something memorable. So you have a real chance to score some thoughtfulness points by giving something like a set of laser engraved solid copper mugs from Paykoc. Our artisans can engrave your mugs with any imagery or text you desire.

Our mugs come in a variety of styles including classic kettle mugs, tankards with large flat sides that are perfect for engraving, beautiful and evocative barrel mugs, and 15 oz or 20 oz Moscow Mule Steins. No matter which one you choose, your gift will make a lasting impression and demonstrate what a thoughtful and considerate mate you really are.

A great idea is to create personalized mugs by engraving both of your names on each mug along with your wedding date, and then including a snippet of your wedding vows. You can have a snippet of your vows on one mug and a snippet of your partner’s vows on the other mug to create a complementary set.

Alternatives to Pure Copper Mugs

Let’s say that for whatever reason customized Moscow Mule mugs are not your cup of tea. No problem. At Paykoc we’ve got a plethora of copper items, any of which will make a stunning anniversary gift.

Solid copper water bottles

Our solid copper water bottles come in four different styles and 16, 28 or 30 ounce sizes. Their clean contemporary lines and impeccable craftsmanship will earn them pride of place in the kitchen, especially when you have them engraved with your anniversary details. But they are not just wallflowers. They’re highly durable and practical and make a nice accompaniment on your next camping trip.

Exactly what you have engraved on your copper water bottles or mugs is entirely up to you, and we’ve given some suggestions above. In our experience customers tend to gravitate toward can’t miss sentiments. “We’ve only just begun” or “the best is yet to come” or even “lucky 7” are all popular. But if you want to take it to the next level, consider something like a short snippet from your vows or an engraving of your wedding photo.

Copper Planters and More

If your partner has a green thumb and enjoys spending time in the garden why not gift them with one of our solid copper planters with all the relevant anniversary information engraved on the side. These make a stunning addition to the backyard deck or patio or can be used to create visual interest in the pool area.

Our Cute Succulent Flower Pot Kettle is another potential copper anniversary gift that will resonate through the years. With a timeless design and a beautiful solid brass handle, it will look just as good as a kitchen or bar accessory as it will with the plant of your choice spilling out of it and your anniversary details engraved on the side.

Our Grand Copper Cauldron with Double Handles is another surefire winner when it comes to copper anniversary gifts. Handcrafted from solid copper it embodies the peerless craftsmanship of a bygone era. Because they are fashioned by hand each one of our Grand Copper Cauldrons is a one-of-a-kind work of art.

Emblazoned with your anniversary details it will stand as a testament to your love and as a symbol of the enduring nature of your partnership. Place it on the patio, the deck, alongside a walkway in the yard or on the front porch.

Make Your Seventh Anniversary One to Remember

For many couples, the seventh anniversary can't hold a candle to the fifth, tenth or 25th. Not because it’s unimportant, but simply because it’s hard for them to come up with a meaningful way to commemorate it. But therein lies an opportunity for the thoughtful partner.

This year surprise your loved one with an engraved solid copper 7th anniversary gift from Paykoc. The quality and timeless nature of your offering will likely take them by surprise and earn a permanent place in the story of your life together.

Even if you don’t have an anniversary on the horizon, our collection of compelling solid copper water bottles, drinking vessels and copper accents will add visual interest to your kitchen, bar area, patio, deck and other aspects of your property.