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Nine Delicious Wedding Cocktails to Serve in Copper Mugs

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,17th Jul 2023
Nine Delicious Wedding Cocktails to Serve in Copper Mugs

The history of copper drinking vessels goes back nearly 5,000 years. Ever since then, people have been fashioning durable and compelling copperware for personal use. Fast forward about 4,500 years to when some enterprising Europeans came up with the idea of adding a handle to the venerable copper drinking vessel thereby creating the earliest copper mugs.

But for all their longevity mugs fashioned from solid copper always occupied a fairly obscure niche in the kitchen, and were never as popular as copper pots and pans. All that changed, however, about 80 years ago with the birth of the Moscow Mule. It is that cocktail - born of a conversation in the Cock’n Bull pub in Los Angeles - that in the years since made copper mugs a must-have item for bars, restaurants, and homes the world over.

Below we’re going to look at 9 wedding cocktails that will benefit greatly by being served our Moscow Mule mugs. Better still if they are served in customized mugs emblazoned with the particulars of the wedding that guests can take home with them.

Wedding Cocktails That Deserve Custom Copper Mugs

1: The HoneyMoon

How could we resist jumping right into The Honeymoon? The Honeymoon is a tequila and Cointreau cocktail that always feels right at home at a wedding. Especially outdoor summertime events, like a backyard weddings. Serving them in personalized solid copper mugs will make these beverages even more timely and refreshing.

2: Blackberry Whiskey Lemonade

Lemonade and a summer wedding. You couldn’t hope for a better pairing. Unless of course, you add some of your favorite whiskey to your lemonade, serve it in copper mugs, and add fresh blackberries as a garnish. Make it in large quantities for quick pouring during the reception.

3: The Italian Sling

This is a variation on the classic Gin Sling that's been floating around for nearly a century. In this instance, you add simple syrup, bitters, and vermouth to the classic recipe comprising cherry juice, lemon juice, gin, and club soda. The best part is how spectacular The Italian Sling looks when presented in a mug fashioned from solid copper.

4: Blueberry Ginger Mule

If we’re talking copper cups or mugs we can’t go too long before we have to slip a Mule onto the list. The Blueberry Ginger Mule is one of countless mule variants that have arisen since the turn of the century and makes a perfect addition to your wedding reception bar. To make it just add lemon vodka and blueberry cordial to the classic mule recipe.

5: Corralejo Tequila Tiki

This is one of those labor-intensive, high-maintenance Tiki cocktails to be sure. But if you can’t put out a bit of extra effort to make your wedding something to remember then we just don’t know. The final product is going to be highly photo-worthy so make sure you have cameras at the ready when this banana and tequila cocktail is served in a classic mug of solid copper.

6: Bourbon Peach Sweet Tea

If yours is going to be a good old-fashioned southern wedding then make sure you have plenty of Bourbon Peach Sweet Tea on hand for your thirsty guests. It’s easy to make by using sweet tea as a base and then adding peach preserves and lemon juice. To put the finishing touches on this wedding cocktail add a shot of your favorite bourbon and serve it in a copper mule mug.

7: Peach Nectar Ginger Beer

Peaches and warm weather go hand in hand so adding this cocktail to your summer wedding and serving it in copper makes a lot of sense. It’s super easy to make. Just add ice, peach vodka, and fresh peach slices to a copper mug then top it up with ginger beer.

8: Lavender Vodka Lemonade

Lemonade cocktails are always a hit so it's a good idea to have more than 1 compelling lemonade cocktail on hand for your wedding, especially if it's a warm-weather wedding. In this case, you'll simply be adding vodka and dried lavender to the classic lemonade recipe. Serving it in a personalized copper vessel from Paykoc adds the finishing touch.

9: Strawberry Basil Mule

You can never have enough mule variants as far as we’re concerned. So here’s one more to add to your wedding reception drink menu. This is based on the classic Mule recipe of vodka, lime juice, and ginger beer but adds fresh strawberries and a basil sprig to garnish.

Take Your Wedding Cocktails to the Next Level with Engraved Moscow Mule Mugs

If you want to take your wedding to the next level in the minds of your guests serve the above cocktails in personalized, engraved copper mugs from Paykoc Imports. Your reception will be the talk of the town and everyone who attends will have a special wedding favor to take home.