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Copper Mugs: More Variety Than You May Think

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,26th Apr 2015
Copper Mugs: More Variety Than You May Think

Copper has made a comeback, that much is obvious. Take a look around and this shiny, timeless material is everywhere—at bars, restaurants, shops, in your friends’ homes. One of the best ways to incorporate copper into your every day is through copper mugs. This charmingly vintage drinkware is not only ideal for keeping your Moscow Mule or cocktail of your choice refreshingly chilled, but comes in a range of designs that make copper mugs surprisingly versatile. From simple and classic to intricate and detailed, consider how you can order your next set of copper mugs to match your personal aesthetic and lifestyle.

Popular Designs Available for Your Copper Mugs

Don’t settle for a boring set of plain copper mugs when you could purchase some truly unique and high-quality drinkware that represents your business, company, or personality. When it comes to copper mugs from Paykoc Imports, you have options. Here are just a few of the variations available to you.

Size—With mugs as well as shot glasses, copper drinkware comes in a variety of sizes to suite all of your drinking uses. Prefer a smaller cocktail for the afternoon or a large drink that will last all night long (well, maybe)? Copper mugs range in size from 13.5 ounces to 15, 16, 18, 20, and even 24-ounce options. Shot glasses also come in sizes from mini to large for the heartier drinkers out there. Paykoc offers 1, 1.6, and 2.1-ounce copper shot glasses.

Design—Maybe the most fun thing to decide before buying your new copper mug is its shape and design. From simple, elegant mugs to heavy steins, your copper mug can convey a lot about your style and personality. Some of the interesting designs available from Paykoc include:

  • Steins with an imposing flanged bottom,
  • Round barrel mugs,
  • Antique hammered barrel mugs with lacquered finish,
  • Barrel mugs hammered for a shiny texture, and
  • Royal tankards.

Material—While classy 100% pure copper mugs are certainly the most popular and sophisticated option on the market today, you can also order mugs that are also constructed out of other metals, which are usually a bit less expensive than the real deal. Besides pure copper, you can also opt for tin-lined copper mugs, copper-plated stainless steel, or nickel-lined mugs.

Logos—From brands to pictures, what you choose to imprint on your copper mug says a lot about you. Paykoc offers copper mugs emblazoned with a variety of logos from an embossed Moscow Mule logo with an image of a mule to a number of drink brands including SKYY Vodka, Peach Street distillers/Goat Vodka, and Woody Creek. All Paykoc Imports copper mugs have our logo stamped on the bottom.

Custom Options—If you own a restaurant, bar, or other business, consider the benefits of ordering a set of copper mugs customized for your establishment. Paykoc gives you the option of ordering custom copper mugs with your company’s logo embossed on the side. Custom copper mugs are the perfect way to market or help to establish your brand, lending your company credibility with customers and something that they’ll remember you by. Like the Starlite Lounge in San Diego whose signature drink is the Moscow Mule, you’re ensuring that your company has that professional and authentic edge that brands need to thrive.

Pack size—Great for homes, businesses, or as gifts, copper mugs are available for sale in packs of 4 or 25 as well as for individual sale.

Price—With different materials, designs, and sizes to choose from, for many, the deciding factor is inevitably price. Luckily, Paykoc offers copper mug options in a number of price points to fit everyone’s budget. Individual mugs start at just $15, although they can cost upwards of $30. With such a wide range to choose from, everyone can afford to drink their Moscow Mules in style.

Why Choose Paykoc Imports Copper Mugs?

With copper mugs becoming more and more popular, new companies are hopping on the bandwagon, claiming to offer you the best copper mugs on the market. So, with so many options to choose from, why purchase your next set of copper mugs from Paykoc Imports? We may be a little biased, but to us, that answer is a no-brainer. Paykoc Moscow Mule mugs are:

  • Crafted from 100% pure copper,
  • Handcrafted for quality and individuality,
  • Produced exclusively in Turkey,
  • Made in a fair trade factory, and
  • Fitted with premium riveted handles.

Paykoc is a family-owned company that has imported copper mugs exclusively from Turkey to the United States for over 30 years. With a long legacy and unmatched expertise, Paykoc Imports has a reputation for quality and style that extends from its base in Denver, Colorado to stores, shops, restaurants, bars, and homes across the country.