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Customized Copper Mugs: The Perfect Gift Idea

Posted by Paykoc Imports ,15th Oct 2018
Customized Copper Mugs: The Perfect Gift Idea

Copper mugs are one of the most compelling and versatile gift ideas around. Unadorned they’re the kind of thing anyone would be proud to receive. But when you take the next step and give custom laser engraved copper mugs from Paykoc you ramp up your gifting cred to an insane degree. That’s because when you give custom copper mugs you’re giving something of real value and real personal interest. And the best part? There is no limit to the number of different ways they can be customized. Custom copper mugs also make peerless promotional gifts that won’t be shunted into a drawer and forgotten like so many other promo items.

10 Ways Copper Mugs Can Be Transformed Into The Perfect Custom Gift

  1. Add the recipients birth date - Of course one of the most common things to have laser engraved on our stunning copper mugs is the birth date of the recipient. There’s a couple of ways you can handle it. You can have personalized copper mugs created that reflect the day the person was actually born, or you can have it denote the birthday on which it is being given (“Happy 40th from your friends Larry, Moe and Curly”). Or you can add whatever type of personal birthday wish you want. The possibilities are endless.
  2. Give them as a wedding gift - Custom copper mugs from Paykoc are the perfect wedding gift. They’re timeless, beautiful, useful and unexpected and they show you put some thought into your gift instead of just gifting the happy couple with steak knives or Hello Kitty wine or re-gifting the Christmas cookies you didn’t want. Add as many details as you like with beautiful graphic touches that will really make them sparkle.
  3. Use them as promotional items – They make ideal promotional gifts at a convention or presents at the company Christmas party. This kind of customized promo item is one of the most cost-effective types of marketing you can invest in. And the copper mugs themselves are so compelling no one is going to just stash them away in the bottom of the closet. They’ll be in use at every party, bbq or holiday get-together.
  4. Engrave a team logo - Was the recipient there in Miami on January 31, 1999 when Elway delivered the second of the Broncos back to back Super Bowl titles? Have they have followed the Patriots from laughingstocks to decades of dominance? You can have our customized mugs engraved with the logo of the recipient’s favorite sports team and automatically turn them into the perfect birthday or Christmas gift.
  5. Mark an important graduation date - Is someone you know graduating college? Maybe they’ve finished their Masters or Doctorate. In any case laser engraved copper mugs with the recipient’s name and graduation date and the type of degree make the perfect adult graduation gift. Or use custom copper mugs to denote when someone has received a big promotion at work.
  6. Engrave the classic Moscow Mule recipe - If someone you know is having a big holiday party you can kill several birds with one stone by bringing along laser etched copper mugs from Paykoc with the classic Moscow Mule recipe engraved on the side. They’ll make the perfect holiday party gift, your host can start serving out of them as soon as they’re unwrapped and if anyone is in need of an idea what to serve in them, well it’s right there on the side of the mug.
  7. Show some state pride - Is the recipient a proud citizen of the Lone Star State or the Golden State or do they hail from Big Sky Country? Engraving the recipient’s state onto these Moscow Mule mugs is a great way to turn them into the perfect gift for the person who wouldn’t want to live anywhere else.
  8. Engrave a different Mule recipe on each mug - The Moscow Mule is one of the most versatile cocktails ever created with scores of regional, national and holiday-oriented variations. So if the classic Moscow Mule recipe alone is not enough have a different Mule recipe etched onto each of the dozen Moscow Mule mugs you give as a birthday or holiday gift and the recipient will never be without fresh cocktail ideas.
  9. Speak to the wanderer - Is your friend one of those people that never seems to be able to sit still? Are they preparing to go somewhere every time you talk to them? If so, they’ve provided you with the perfect idea for some custom engraved copper mugs. Each mug can have a different icon engraved on it: the Eiffel Tower, the Taj Mahal, the Pyramids, the Empire State Building, the Great Wall, the Colosseum and on and on and on...
  10. Get all historical - If the recipient is a history buff why not have us etch each mug with a different event in American history on the side along with a relevant graphic? The Battle of Bunker Hill, the signing of the Declaration of Independence, the end of the Civil War at Appomattox Courthouse, Pearl Harbor, D-Day, the liberation of Paris, Desert Storm and much more.

Custom copper mugs from Paykoc are the perfect gift for the person that has everything, the happy couple on their wedding day, the sports fan, the history buff, the birthday boy or girl, the traveler and, well, you get the picture. Order yours from Paykoc today.