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5 Cool Lighting Ideas for Your Home

5 Cool Lighting Ideas for Your Home

Posted by Paykoc Imports

What is a home without light? Once the sun goes down your interior takes on whatever personality you have programmed into it with your lighting choices. It can be compelling, utilitarian, drab, bor …

Guide to the Right Light: Select Smart When Buying Your Replacement Bulbs

In the days of yore when lightbulbs would burn out on Turkish mosaic lamps, you’d remove the spent bulb, note the wattage, go to the hardware store and pick up a copy. Making things even easier was …

 6 Ways You Might Not Have Known Lighting Can Affect Your Emotion

Most people don’t think about light. They just sort of take it for granted. The sun comes up every day just like it always has and after it goes down if we need some light we just flip a switch and …

Mosaic Lamps: the Finishing Touch on any Decor

The mosaic lamp can trace its roots back through centuries of the Turkish handicraft tradition. Beautifully considered and meticulously hand-crafted these lamps have been gracing the drawing rooms, …